Why Organizations Like End Citizens United Are Needed In Today’s Political Climate

In 2010, according to many, the Supreme Court made a terrible decision when they ruled in favor of Citizens United and opened up doors for corporations to purchase elections. Since the decision was handed down, Americans have been seeing the long term affects of the decision, watching the political process evolve in the process.

The good news is: many organizations have popped up to fight against the decision. One of these organizations in End Citizens United, and they are working to remove politicians who make use of these new election laws. End Citizens United, or ECU, supports democratic candidates that choose not to accept large amounts of money for corporations. Over the past few years, End Citizens United has seen great progress in their goals. Paul Ryan, one of the primary targets of End Citizens United recently announced that he will step down from his Senate seat. Other Republican politics, like Ted Cruz, will probably be unseated in the upcoming midterm election.

The ruling itself stems from an anti-Hillary group in 2008 wishing to show a feature length anti-Hillary campaign ad. When the Federal Election Committee requested that Citizens United, the anti-Hillary group, shared who funded and developed the film, Citizens United refused. At the time, refusing to disclose who created a political ad was against the law.

The results of the ruling were made apparent right away. People realized that now they can donate large amounts of money without revealing their identity, opening up the possibility for people to privately back controversial issues.

The ruling clearly favored the Republican Party, who are known to have ties with billionaires like the Koch brothers and Betsy DeVos according to usatoday.com. These billionaires were able to secretly support political ads that would have previously caused them negative press.

One instance of the Citizens United ruling ruining our election process was during the 2010 midterm election. Karl Rove, the former adviser of President Bush, was able to nearly instantaneously raise millions of dollars in order to support Republican Senators during election season. This was one of the reasons Obama’s second term became a stale mate between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

See: https://whyy.org/articles/end-citizens-united-announces-35m-campaign-next-year/

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