Whitney Wolfe: Changing the World One Click at a Time

Whitney Wolfe cannot be stopped. 29-year-old Whitney Wolfe has already made millions with her app that puts relationship matching in the hands of women. She works to empower women with Bumble and is announcing a new targeted field of study to push both men and women even further.

Bumble is about to jump into an entire new territory. They plan to attack the beauty world and bring more happiness to people’s skin worldwide. The company and Wolfe have spent months working with dermatologists and psychotherapists making new products that target skin issues. Bumble hopes to launch two new serums in 2019. Visit fortune.com to know more about Whitney Wolfe.

Not only is Bumble going the beauty route, the app is expanding to include other interests. Bumble BFF is booming with over three million users that use it to connect to friends. Bumble Bizz is also blowing up as it helps users in the professional field.

Why does Whitney Wolfe keep going though she’s already made millions? She says it’s all about taking away misogyny in the world. She is working with legislators trying to make it illegal to send unsolicited offensive photos to women. Wolfe was fired by the app Tinder in 2014 and sued them for sexual harassment. She also claims to have dated someone as a teenager that treated her without respect belittling her with mental abuse. She wants to stop this as much as possible.

All of the positive empowerment is paying off for Wolfe as Bumble has over 35 million users around the globe. The app isn’t only about connecting people, but also about positive change. Bumble does not allow guns in photos which angered many whom sent Wolfe death threats and published false reports about her. Wolfe just shrugged her shoulders and kept on pushing forward.

Whitney Wolfe promises the world no matter what she is moving forward with Bumble. She plans to partner with people globally and keep growing the app. More than just an app, and with its million of users, Wolfe promises to try to change the world one click at a time.

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One thought on “Whitney Wolfe: Changing the World One Click at a Time

  1. Quinn Isaac says:

    This is great idea for Whitney Wolfe and I am beginning to believe that her crashing out from the Tinder is truly a blessing in disguise. There is an impressive feature Wolfe did to Bumble that has made it different from other apps. I think one of the best article I have read about talking to girls was shared to me by a user in Bumble and it will interest you too. Her venturing to the beauty line is recommendable and I believe she is going to establish herself real big in the beauty line haven has a large audience with Bumble app.

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