University of Michigan Partners with Dick DeVos’s West Michigan Aviation College

West Michigan Aviation Academy is among the few high schools in Michigan offering aviation learning and other additional science, technology, and engineering courses. The school was founded by the billionaire Dick DeVos in the year 2010 as a charter high school in Grand Rapids.


The aviation academy draw their students from over 40 diverse districts in Michigan and their students are selected by lottery. The school graduated its first groups of seniors in the year 2014 and plans to expand its science and engineering curriculum.


Last year, West Michigan Aviation Academy triggered an agreement with the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering in a commitment to make more engineers. This agreement would give high school graduates of West Michigan Aviation access to a comprehensive engineering syllabus and a clearer direction to the state’s top university.


The partnership agreement was signed at a public event at Gerald Ford International Airport on Tuesday May last year. The (Chief Executive Officer of Amway) founder of the high school Dick DeVos and the Dean of Engineering at University of Michigan, David Munson inaugurated the partnership.


The principal of the school, Pat Cwayna was particularly delighted about the partnership saying that it would be an honor to have an engineering university a chance to guide their student. High school students will have a chance to visit the university facility and participate in the Engineering Expo, annually organized by the university to showcase creative and innovative engineering projects.


The partnership came a few months after J. Scott Grill Fund scholarship, offered by Aerospace Engineers, was announced to introduce the studies of aeronautical engineering in the school. The scholarship worth $150,000 was aimed at providing graduates interested in pursuing aerospace engineering with annual tuition fees in a full-time basis.


And as the Dean of Engineering at University of Michigan says, the university will continue its commitment of ensuring that cost is not a barrier for any resident pursuing an undergraduate degree program at the institution. The scholarship would also be an opportunity for a number of their alumni to take part in promoting science, engineering and technology.

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