Town Residential Continues Rapid Growth

One of the most competitive real estate markets in the entire world is the market in New York City. Due to significant professional opportunities, international investors, and those seeking luxury properties, the real estate market always seems to thrive even during economic downturns. Due to the continued demand for real estate in New York City, and the allure of working and living in the city, it can be incredibly competitive for real state broker’s and other professionals. While it can be incredibly difficult to build market share, one local real estate firm has continued to grow even though they are less than 10 years old.


Town Residential is a local real estate firm that has continued to grow and develop. The company started as a small brokerage firm in 2010, but quickly grew to have over a dozen offices located across the city. Town Residential’s growth is directly correlated to the quality services that they have provided to their clients. The primary service that the company has provided to its clients are leasing and brokerage services. The company has partnered with a number of top real estate developers and property owners to help ensure that they sell new developed units as quickly as possible and at the highest property sales price.


While Town Residential is known for their effectiveness in the brokerage field, they are also known for their market knowledge. The company employs a team of people that are focused on ensuring that the company has the most current and accurate market information. This information is regularly shared with clients and we sure they make the most informed and profitable business decisions. The company also provides a regular newsletter that discusses trends in the industry and upcoming projects. This newsletter is read by thousands of professionals and investors across the world.


While the company started as just a residential real estate service provider in New York City, but company has continued to expand its services and offerings. Over the past few years, the company has opened an office in Miami Florida. In this office they provide similar brokerage, sales, leasing and management services. The company is also looking to expand into other 20 real estate markets across the country, including those in California and Texas. The company would also like to expand its new commercial real estate business, which provides a variety of similar services to commercial real estate developers and property owners.


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