The Brazilian Entrepreneur and Investor, Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama began his career in advertisement as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather after receiving his degree in advertising and communication. He then went on to work with DM9, BBDO, and Young & Rubicam.

He went on to found Neogama, a Brazilian advertising agency, in 1999. Neogama was quite successful, being the only Brazilian agency to win an award from the Cannes Festival in the year of its founding. It later went on to be associated with the British company, BBH, in 2002 and to win more awards. This association ceased in 2016 and Neogama again focused primarily on Brazil.

Although Neogama is perhaps Alexandre Gama’s most successful venture, he has also met success in other areas being the only Brazilian in an international committee of global advertising agencies and is influential in the Brazilian art scene. He founded VIOLAB, a music company promoting Brazilian musicians and guitar players, and held his own art exhibition in his native Brazil. Gama also invests heavily in the British automobile company BAC.

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