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Traveling Vineyard: A Company That Pays You for Having Good Wine with Friends

Every person needs a break after a long day of work. What other better way of making money by having a glass of good wine and friends that one adores. Also, cultivate good conversations and relations. Traveling Vineyard is making this reality to many people who appreciate good wine and rest.

Travelling Vineyard is an organization that sells their wines directly to their clients via their wine guides. It has been in business since 2001.It does not only give consumers this exemplary opportunity but also sort the issue of unemployment especially, for full-time moms. Full-time moms have a lot to do in upbringing their children, but an opportunity to make money when doing that from the comfort of their home is very appealing. Yes, there are many jobs at people’s disposal but what makes Travelling Vineyard unique is the ability to solve storage issues. Upon using their wine guide, instead of one having to walk around in town with a bulk of wine bottles to deliver to their friends, they do delivery at one’s convenience upon placing an order online.

Working with Travelling Vineyard does not necessarily need one to be up to date with the knowledge on wine. The company formulates a business plan for each of their members. Any more information on wine that one would want to now is availed. It is a commission job that gives value to people’s time as it pays well. Apart from selling their wine, when one masters the art of the business, they can mentor newbies in the business and in turn expand their network and make more money. If one wants to have fun and get paid for it, Travelling Vineyard is the place to be.

For 21-year-olds and above, this opportunity is available. With a starting capital of only $ 189 to host a party, the consumable and quality wine from Vineyard wraps it up. Their business model is that simple with no hidden charges. With the $189, one gets a complete success kit that includes two tasting sets with five bottles of wine each. Also, members are given tasting glasses, order forms, training materials and websites to market their wines. For the first three months, the website is free but from then, a small fee of $ 15.95 per month is paid for maintenance. Travelling Vineyard is a game changer when it comes to growing a business, be it part time or full time irrespective of gender, Travelling Vineyard is the best.

Travelling Vineyard Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/