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Quality Products from OSI Food Solutions

The OSI Food Solutions is one of the leaders in making quality products and providing meats and other food products to food industry customers all over the world. The OSI Food Solutions group first opened in Chicago. Since that time is has expanded and there are now locations in 17 countries all over the world including China. According to the Forbes Magazine 100 Top Business in the United States, OSI Food Solutions ranked number 58. This company has a net worth over just over $6 billion. OSI Food Solutions is constantly expanding and looking for ways to increase their business. They recently purchase the Baho Food group.

This company provides snack meats and similar products to countries all over the world. OSI foods also purchased the Tyson Food Plant. The Tyson brand is known for providing chicken to restaurants and supermarkets. OSI solutions is also looking to make a name in the European food service industry. They purchase the Flagship Europe and added to their market as well. OSI Food Solutions is known for providing quality meat and food products. They recently won the 2018 Globe of Honour. This award is presented by the British Safety Council.

The meat that they are selling is top quality and is safe for people to eat. There are no byproducts in these products.In addition to putting out safe food the OSI Solutions is looking to increase business as well. Due to their recent business purchases they are looking to double the production of chicken they are producing. This will allow them to have a bigger share of the market while still providing their clients with high quality food. OSI Foods provided many restaurants including McDonalds with their meat supply so it is more than likely that a person has been a customer of this company at one time.