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The Chainsmokers Are Reflecting the Views of Modern Youth in Their Newest Single “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers are newcomers into the EDM scene. That statement seems surprising. I mean, after all, they have had a few handfuls of top 40 hits already. Roses, Kanye, #Selfie, Closer, Something Just Like This, Paris, and of course, Don’t Let Me Down, were all massive hits for the duo. But, the truth is, the band has only been on the scene for a few years. With crazy success like this coming so early, it’s astonishing that the duo has already begun to be pigeonholed by critics. Well, that was until the release of their newest single “Sick Boy”.

See, the Chainsmokers have been producing poppy hits into the mainstream world while making some bangers in the dance club simultaneously. The trend, however, has been that all of these songs were, at least mildly, happy songs. “Sick Boy” smashes that ideology into pieces. The newest single is dark, mellow, violent, and angry. This new sound for the band is a bit surprising in some ways (such as it is still impressive that they have the range to produce this content) and not in other ways. The Chainsmokers, love them or hate them, have always been a reflection of modern youth in America.

#Selfie was the hit for a generation. It described a phenomenon so well that it was a vivid reminder of the current trends int he worlds around us. Sick Boy follows that same trend, except now, the genre has taken a turn for a darker more depressing outlook. See, many people were unaware that Taggart helped Logic write “1-800-274-8255” the massively popular song about being on the verge of suicide that upswing into a peaceful song. Taggart and Pall are taking their anger out with this new darker tone, and it seems to be winning fans over.

The world is changing. Social media is redefining attitudes, views, and outlooks of the world drastically. People are starting to feel those effects and lash out in real verifiable ways. Sick Boy is a reflection of this anger and confusion. Of course, Sick Boy also has deep EDM tones that please the ears backdropping it.

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