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The Life and Times of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant, a French Native, was born in 1953 and immigrated to South Africa at the age of 14 with his family. Growing up, he attended Highlands North High School and later Witwatersrand University, where he studied engineering before changing his major in his second year to computer science and applied mathematics, this change would eventually pave the way for his future as founder and CEO Of Zilch Technology. Throughout his life, Serge Belamant has applied for many patents including, but not limited to, a patent for verifying a transactors identity, a patent for a device that would generate a random pin, and a patent for a simulated primary account number, which would allow for secure financial transactions by means of the “PAN.”

The first patent was for an apparatus that would not only provide a location for, but also a method to game securely- regardless of location- this is the beginning to the “Smart Card,” that Serge Belament is so well known for today. The second of his patents works by generating a random series of 10 numbers, which can then be sent to a bank and be decrypted not only into the account number of the person wishing to make the transaction, but also the amount to be debited from the account of that person.

The third patent, applied for in November of 2007, was a system for storing and verifying the identity of a person making a transaction. Two days later, Serge Belamant would apply for his fourth patent, a software that would allow a person to send either a “duress” or “normal” identifier while making a purchase, allowing for the account to either be locked immediately or proceed normally with the transaction. Next, Belamant would apply for the patent that would create a software that, when the correct biometric identifier is provided will then generate a random PIN number to complete the transaction. Most recently, in 2013, Serge Belamant, applied for a patent on his software that would allow the provider of a service to verify the identity of the person attempting to obtain the service.

For details: www.zonebourse.com/barons-bourse/Serge-Belamant-05Q75R-E/biographie/