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Avaaz Is An Organization By The People For The People Of The World

Avaaz is an organization that was founded in 2007, which acts as a voice that helps to organize people from all over the world with the goal of creating the world people really want. Avaaz works to empower individuals through an action-based collective that focuses on reducing corruption, poverty, and the blocks that keep people from coming together. The campaign communicates its message in many different languages and lobbies governments, funds media campaigns, and puts together email campaigns that expose people to the way that individuals all over the world see things.

Avaaz is using modern technology and the internet to bring people together. It doesn’t have to rely on outdated methods that rely on specific budgets for specific topics but, instead, has a worldwide team that works on the kinds of issues that people care about in the regions they live in. The online community that Avaaz has built is able to bring attention to certain issues and happenings as they take place, and this means that the organization is able to take immediate action on matters that will help people as soon as possible.

Instead of running on an agenda of its own making, Avaaz relies on the ideas, priorities, and issues that its members deal with in their daily lives. The organization alerts its member base through emails, and its nimbleness allows it to respond and help people as the need arises. There is no clear agenda set by the staff at Avaaz, because the agenda is decided by the thousands upon thousands of individuals that make up its membership. Instead of forcing its members to take part in every campaign it puts together, Avaaz allows its members to decide which issues they want to be a part of. This is a new way of doing things, and Avaaz is happy to be a part of something that will hopefully make the world a better place.