Susan McGalla Flexes Skills with Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is doing a lot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has revamped this entire clothing line, and fans are pleased with what she has presented. This is another monumental step in her career in the world of clothing and consulting.

When it comes to marketing a brand and building a reputation for products that people recognize Susan Mcgalla has been called on on numerous occasions. She has a marketing degree, and her experience speaks volumes when it comes to establishing brands and getting consumers to patronize products and services for companies that she has helped.

Susan has shown herself to be a strong female entrepreneur and business leader that knows how to play up to her strengths. She realizes that consulting is something that she is good in. She also knows a lot about various clothing lines. All of these things make it much easier for Susan to build a brand that people can relate to. This is why she has been called up on over the years.

Companies are looking for a chance to change directions and build a better relationship with customers can depend on Susan McGalla. She has done this before, and she continues to do this successfully for various companies that she works with. Right now her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the creative director of strategic planning allows her to flex her marketing skills. The new clothing line that was launched is the mark of Susan McGalla and her keen eye on fashion.

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