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Southridge Capital is a finance firm that provides a financial advisory solution to public companies. The firm believes in providing innovative solutions to their clients so that they can meet their financial goals. Southridge Capital incorporates a group of executive leaders who are experts and understand the nature of the market. Moreover, they work tirelessly with an objective of providing solution plans for the clients. They also individualize financial methods with the aim of optimizing a balance sheet.


Since establishment in 1996, Southridge Capital has directly invested $1.8 billion into the growth of their associate companies. Additionally, they have been able to transact business with a total of 250 public companies which has increased. The team in position is aware of all the corporate issues that public firms face in their operations. For more details visit LinkedIn.


In the financial advisory category, Southbridge Capital has expertise in the fields of commercial operations, financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, and project financial statements. The firm offers solutions related to balance sheet optimization so that a firm can attain an ideal balance between debt and equity. With regards to advisory services, Southridge capital provides companies with information regarding bankruptcy, and they help companies to recover from bankruptcy ordeals. Moreover, Southridge Capital offers all the necessary information regarding litigation and all the requirements for minimizing clients’ time and resources.


Southridge has vast expertise and knowledge when it comes to matters revolving around structured finance aspects. The firm specializes in financing solutions, credit enhancements, and securitization. The firm is aware that companies are in grave need of financial assistance, but they shouldn’t take all the opportunities available. When it comes to credit enhancement, Southridge Capital meets directly with the creditors with the aim of eliminating credit debt which increases creditworthiness of a company. You can check out their Facebook page.



A great team of leaders leads Southridge Capital. M. Hicks is the Chief Executive and the founder of the firm. Other leaders include: Narine Persaud – Controller and CFO

Laurence J. Ditkoff, CFA, CPA – Director of Research

Henry B. Sargent, JD, CFA – COO and General Counsel

About Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital was established in 1996 with the aim of providing the financial solution and acting as a security brokerage firm. Over the years, they have succeeded and have acquired many companies under them.



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