Skout Shows Everyone What Makes A Real Superhero


Skout has been known as a social media and dating network that spans over 180 countries and is found all over the world. Skout is also in 16 different languages and has many different features on the website and network that people can use to greet others as well as to communicate with one another. Recently, PR Newswire featured an article about Skout that showed that Skout really does care for the community. Skout has virtual gifts that can be sent from one person to another as a way to greet the person or to simply let them know that they are being thought of.

Although most people will send these gifts whenever they feel the need to, those who choose to send virtual gifts that have the superhero theme will not only be doing something for a friend on Skout but also for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Skout has chosen to make a donation each time a person sends a superhero virtual gift, and the donations will continue until a wish is fulfilled by the foundation. The donations that Skout is making to the Make-A-Wish foundation will be to the greater Bay Area location, and hopefully, many wishes can be fulfilled.

Money that’s donated to the foundation will cover a wish that the person may have, whether it’s to meet a star, to travel somewhere, or to have any type of a dream come true. Skout decided to donate money to the foundation based on the amount of superhero themed greetings that are sent because of the fact that National Superhero day was on April 28, 2016.

Skout even did a survey with many people to find out exactly what made a good superhero, and many didn’t say it was what a person wore or how many enemies they thwarted but how selfless the person was and how they helped others. The fact that many of the Skout users felt that anyone who would put others before themselves could make them a superhero shows just how far the vision of what a real superhero is has come over the years. Further questions were asked about superheroes in the survey, and the questions can be found by checking out the link below.


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