Sam Boraie: The Real Estate Revolutionist

Boraie development LLC provides several types of services that are aimed at factors that affect the urban real estate industry. the team that is led by Sam Boraie as the Vice President while showing their future projects to their potential clients is dedicated to building revolutionary buildings. Sam Boraie is an enthusiastic and visionary businessman as well as a philanthropist. He is regarded as a hero by the resident of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The services that are offered by the Boraie Development LCC includes property management, sale/marketing as well as real estate. The company succeeds into delivering its services to clients through working closely with financial institutions, architects as well as contractors.

The company provides specialty services that are aimed at the areas that are concerned to the urban real estate industry such as Property Management, sales, and marketing as well as development. Boraie Development LLC that runs like Real Estate Company is based in New Brunswick though it offers its services across New Jersey in places such as Newark as well as Atlantic City.

Boraie Development has over 30 years of experience in the real estate development industry, reveals NJ Biz. Sam Boraie is among the most sought after New Jersey developers. The main purpose of his company is to create projects that appealing to the residents, financial partners as well as the tenants.

One of the important factor that the Boraie Development LLC’s overall strategy is in managing their properties after they are completed. This enables the company to create values for their assets over a period of time. They pay attention to details while they are carrying maintenance procedures their aim is to ensure that the improvement is done on a continuous basis. One of the responsibilities that are handled by Boraie Development LLC’s the property Management department is the administration marketing, maintenance, leasing as well as customer service.

Boraie is a respected business man partly due to the contribution that he has made toward his community. He serves the member on the Board of Trustee for the historical State Theater that is located in New Brunswick. He is also very dedicated supporting a partner through giving of his financial support so as to maintain the theater’s education as well as artistic and other programs. To learn more about Boraie Development LLC’s upcoming projects, visit

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