SahmAdrangi: CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management

SahmAdrangi is the founder and the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale capital management. Kerrisdale was founded in 2009 and Sahm has been involved in all aspects of its development. The business was started with less than one million dollars, but as of July 2017, the company currently manages a cash flow of 150 million dollars. The company deals with hedging of funds on companies. In 2016 he disclosed the company’s performance during the second quarter and first half of 2016. Since its inception on July 2009. Kerrisdale capital has made net returns of 1,152.3% return generated by the S&P 500.Kerrisdale the best-known company for short selling and publishing research, it shares its research on social media platforms like Twitter, its website, and investing related sites.

He has also controlled the firm’s efforts to focus on several specific sectors in its area of expertise. The bio-technologies are its area of focus and Kerrisdale has developed stage companies including Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife sage therapeutics and many others. Kerrisdale has also drawn its attention to the mining industry, SahmAdrangi has questioned the mining prospects and market valuations of Northern Dynasty mineral, First majestic silver, and other mineral supply companies. It has also published many reports on the telecommunication sector. It shared its skeptical views on Dish network, via sat, Globalstar and path communications. In 2014, he exposed the weakness of Globalstar.

Apart from publishing research, he has taken an activist role in several investments. In 2003, he engaged with Lindsay corporation management to optimize the company’s cash distribution and capital allocation strategies. In 2014, he led a proxy contest to replace the directors of Morgan’s hotel group with two directors.

He attained his degree from Yale University with a bachelor of arts in economics. His financial career started in 2004 when he began working as an analyst in leverage loan financings at Deutsche Bank, in 2005 he worked with Chanin capital partners, Los Angeles. At chanin, he advised credit committees in bankruptcy restructuring company in Chanin capital partners in Los Angeles. With his experience in investment banking, he began working at Longacre management since 2007 to 2009. He has also been a speaker at major conferences including the value investment conference, the activist investor conference and the distressed debt investing conference. He has also featured in interviews on CNBC and Bloomberg.

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