Rocketship Education is Working

Rocketship Education consists of a series of non-profit public schools that are designed to be placed into difficult economic neighborhoods. Usually, in these areas, the tax base has deteriorated and the quality of available education is generally poor.

Rocketship Education is adamant about the creation of a partnership between the parents, the teachers, and the students which bond all of the essential parties into one super successful team. Children are very eager to please and when you can get the family behind what the education is all about in an active manner, great things come about as a result.

In poorer neighborhoods and cities, it is quite common to experience a disappearing tax base which results in inadequate funding for schools. That includes buildings, teacher salaries, books, supplies, and all other types of educational needs and equipment. This situation causes a serious educational gap for students who are trapped in this environment, and in most cases is never remedied.

The mission of Rocketship Education is to erase this education gap in our lifetime. This is done by helping to propel the students to achieve more and to learn how to live and work up to their potential. When they realize the opportunity that awaits them and they are shown the tools that they can use in the process, they are very eager to win at this process.

The focus of the curriculum at Rocketship is based on the STEM principle. By emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math, students are trained in disciplines that not only allows them to master these subjects, but they also carry over these learning skills to other subjects.

Part of the requirement of the Rocketship teachers is to pay a visit and meet the parents of their students. This icebreaker serves to explain the role that the parents can play as partners in the entire project. It can be as simple as encouragement of their children to a more active role, depending on needs and abilities.

Students are educated to be well rounded, by adding humanities, positive social training, and courses such as gardening, art, music, and dance. It is no accident that Rocketship students graduate a full year before their peers in other public schools.

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