New Brunswick Entrepreneur Sam Boraie Is A State Theater Supporter

Boraie Development LLC is one of the premier development companies in the state of New Jersey. The list of office building and residential developments started and finished by the Boraie family is impressive. According to the NY Times, the city of New Brunswick is a thriving mini-metropolis, thanks to the office and residential projects on Albany and Spring Street. And the Aspire luxury condominium building is a New York City inspired building that gave professionals a reason to move back to the inner-city. New Brunswick’s center city was a ghost town during the 1970s. Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist, saw an opportunity, so he purchased more than 20 properties for development. Today, those properties are high-rise office, retail, and residential buildings. The pharmaceutical and medical industries adopted downtown New Brunswick as a hub, thanks to Boraie Development.

Sam Boraie, one of Omar’s sons, is a natural-born entrepreneur. Sam got into the real estate business right after school, and he never looked back. Sam has some impressive real estate transactions under his belt. The One Riverview residential building in Newark is one of them. And he played an instrumental role in the Beach at South Inlet apartment complex in Atlantic City. Of course, Sam had his hands in the Aspire building project in New Brunswick,, and the management of the Boraie office and residential buildings.

But Sam is also known for the work he does with Elijah’s Promise. Sam is a member of the board of that incredible nonprofit organization. Elijah’s Promise impact on the state of New Jersey is hard to measure, according to Boraie. It’s easy to see the results of the Elijah’s Promise café, soup kitchen, and catering service. But the food classes for people who need food, and want to make food their career, is the part of the organization that is hard to measure in terms of success. Sam likes to say the people who take the classes turn their challenges into a career and those careers impact the lives of many people. The scope of Elijah’s Promise success may be hard to measure, but it is huge in the eyes of the state of New Jersey.

The other important Sam Boraie humanitarian project is the New Brunswick State Theater. Sam is a member of the Advisory Board of State Theater New Jersey and he is a major donor. Thanks to Boraie, the State Theater has been restored to its original 1921 look recently, and the theater is enjoying a surge in popularity again. The State Theater hosts big name entertainers just like it did in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Frank Sinatra and other movie stars came and entertained and educated the people of New Jersey in all things theatrical. The State Theater also offers students and residents free concert tickets when popular entertainers are booked to perform. Classical music classes, and other music classes are also part of the State Theater’s educational program. The State Theater is one of Sam Boraie’s passions, and he treats it like it was his own. Sam takes care of the business side of the State Theater.


MB2 Management Operations for Dentists

According to Glass Door, With almost 150,000 dentists in America, MB2 Dental Solutions realized the need to take over the complicated managerial operations of running an office. The patient’s care can be thoroughly attained and their satisfaction guaranteed when allowing someone else the burdens of HR, Accounting, Compliance, Marketing and Advertising, Recruiting, and Training which are all aspects of MB2 Dental, the Dental Practice Care Affiliate.

Following are a list of their services and explicit descriptions quoted directly from the website,, of the non-clinical operational aspects that MB2 handles in order for the dentist to focus on dentistry:


Leave the management of your staff to the experts. From benefits to write-ups we handle the intricacies of staffing management.


Keep your finger on your practice’s financial pulse. Make sound financial decisions with recommendations and reporting.


Your patients depend on you. Ensure you are credentialed to serve them.


Proactive regulatory insight and auditing to ensure your office is informed and compliant


Keep your office functioning smoothly with updated systems and technology. Experienced virtual and on-site teams handle problems quickly to ensure operations is not affected.


You do the work. Let us chase your profits from third-party payors and insurance companies. We keep collections in-check so you can continue with production.


Fill your schedule with the right flow of patient volume. Let our experts carve out the right strategy, execute the plan and report back to you on the success. Read more: MB2 Dental Solutions Review | Indeed


Let our recruiting team get the right people in the right roles at your practice.


Order supplies for your practice with confidence knowing you are getting the highest-quality products at the best price.


Looking for an opportunity to own your first or next practice? Look no further than the business development team.


MB2U educates affiliate dental office employees on how to keep the office running efficiently by making patient satisfaction their number one priority; enabling doctors to focus on what they need to do best, treating patients.”

Although MB2 is located in Dallas, Texas, their affiliates span over 6 states with 70 different offices.

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Helane Morrison’s Accomplishments During her Service at the SEC

Helane Morrison is a hard working female attorney who is based in San Francisco and has made significant achievements during her career. She has worked for the government and the private sector. Morrison studied journalism at the Northwestern University and later enrolled for a law degree at the University of California. The Securities and Exchange Commission offered her a job in 1996, and she worked at the San Francisco District Office. Her determination and passion enabled her to hold top offices at the organization. She was the enforcement director at San Francisco, and her work was highly acknowledged. Morrison took legal action against corrupt officials in organizations NextCard, Inc., HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Dean Witter, New York’s Republic Securities, and Google. Her efforts were appreciated, and she was made chief of the San Francisco District Office.


As the head of a SEC district office, Helane supervised analysis and enforcement activities that were conducted in the North Western States. These include Idaho, Montana, North California, Oregon, North Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Her office directly reported to the Los Angeles-based Pacific Regional office. Morrison’s predecessor was David Bayles, and he had been the chief of the San Francisco office for five years. He left his SEC job to join the private sector and is currently a partner at the Morrison & Foerster law company.


Morrison is one of the few women who has been offered a top office by the SEC. Others who have been district chiefs are Valerie Capron, Carmen Lawrence, and Mary Keefe. Her term as the head of the San Francisco area was filled with activities, which made the office to increase its examination and analysis staff from 30 to 60. She ensured that her office enforced securities and regulatory compliance in San Francisco. Helane represented the SEC at the government institutions, business deals, financial groups, and legal matters.


Helane Morrison’s practice as an attorney in the private sector was also successful. In 1986, she was hired by the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and worked for it until 1996. The law firm named her as a partner in 1991. She served the company’s clients by offering legal services in SEC issues, internal company investigation, private securities, and corporate lawsuits. Morrison was also hired to represent customers that were facing class actions ligations and stockbrokers in arbitrations. She was a court clerk for Justice Richard Posner and Justice Harry A. Blackmun. Helane is currently an employee of the Hall Capital Partners, where she serves as the chief compliance officer.


End Citizens United to reverse the “Citizens United” decision

End Citizens United is a political action group that came together in August 2015. The group’s goal is to pass a constitutional amendment and reverse the decision of the Supreme Court “Citizens United.” The political action group raised more than $25 million and over 4, 000 people have signed the petition for the amendment on End Citizens United publicly announced its support of 11 Democratic candidates among which are Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

There are many political action groups on Facebook, and many are so similar that they barely differentiate from each other. So what makes End Citizens United different ad stand out from the rest? End Citizens United, according to communications director Richard Carbo, stands out for reasons such as the type of persons they endorse. More specifically, they back candidates who are in favor of the finance reform of the campaign and will stand against the Citizens United decision, but they also support candidates who are under attack by a number of dark-money groups. The End Citizens United group is planning on setting up a way to support its candidates by creating an independent expenditure arm through television adds, polls, direct mailing, etc.

Along with its main objective, End Citizens United also hopes to help enact financial reforms for campaigns both locally and in the state area. However, their main objective has received some kind of skepticism by campaign finance experts. One of reason is that America hasn’t passed a constitutional amendment since 1992. The notion feels slightly foreign to partisans and to some of the public. While some stay by those beliefs, others differing opinions on the matter. Rick Hasen is a campaign finance regulation expert on and a professor of political science and law at the UC-Irvine School of Law. He states that groups like End Citizens United are necessary and very important no matter if they manage to raise enough money to pass the constitutional amendment or not. Hasen states that those groups serve a purpose of making sure there is a dialogue between the public of the United States of America and the Supreme Court. That dialogue keeps the expectations and the needs of the public known to the members of the Supreme Court which is extremely for the stability of a country. This correlates to another reason that Rick Hasen provides, and that is the high importance of the passing of better laws or, plainly said, to not make things worse. Groups like End Citizens United are much needed because they do provide awareness between these two vital parts of the United States – the Supreme Court and the vast public. Moreover, the access to $30 million in fundraising can create enough ad buy to achieve their ultimate goal.

Kim Doa Talks About Her Top Foundation Products

In December, Kim Dao was joined with Sunnydahye to highlight the best beauty products of 2016. I would like to share some of the products with you. Kim Dao has her own Korean and Japanese makeup line. Her basic makeup line includes base makeup for face, eyes, and lips. The first one is called Face Blur.


Face Blur is an inexpensive facial cream that comes in a plastic bottle. It minimizes pores and covers skin defects and tones the skin. For that photoshop facial look, Sunnydahle recommends Milchak Skin BB Cream comes in a tube. It gives you plenty of coverage and that natural, healthy feeling. Next, Kim Dao recommends Double Lasting Foundation that has full coverage.


Double Lasting Foundation is great for sensitive skin and comes in many skin tones to match most skin colors. This is also SP34 PA++ 30g that means that the face will be protected from sun damage including melanoma. Sunnydahye recommends Meteorites Powder.


Meteorites Powder. It looks like assorted pastel colored mints. This powder can be used as a highlighter for the eyes. It’s an illuminating powder that can be put on the face with a makeup brush all over the face. The different colors are supposed to even out the skin tone. Next Kim Dao wants people to try April Skin Cushion.


April Magic Skin Cushion comes like a compact that has no mirror. It comes in two types one for normal skin and one for oily skin. Kim Dao wears this every day.

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Sam Boraie: The Real Estate Revolutionist

Boraie development LLC provides several types of services that are aimed at factors that affect the urban real estate industry. the team that is led by Sam Boraie as the Vice President while showing their future projects to their potential clients is dedicated to building revolutionary buildings. Sam Boraie is an enthusiastic and visionary businessman as well as a philanthropist. He is regarded as a hero by the resident of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The services that are offered by the Boraie Development LCC includes property management, sale/marketing as well as real estate. The company succeeds into delivering its services to clients through working closely with financial institutions, architects as well as contractors.

The company provides specialty services that are aimed at the areas that are concerned to the urban real estate industry such as Property Management, sales, and marketing as well as development. Boraie Development LLC that runs like Real Estate Company is based in New Brunswick though it offers its services across New Jersey in places such as Newark as well as Atlantic City.

Boraie Development has over 30 years of experience in the real estate development industry, reveals NJ Biz. Sam Boraie is among the most sought after New Jersey developers. The main purpose of his company is to create projects that appealing to the residents, financial partners as well as the tenants.

One of the important factor that the Boraie Development LLC’s overall strategy is in managing their properties after they are completed. This enables the company to create values for their assets over a period of time. They pay attention to details while they are carrying maintenance procedures their aim is to ensure that the improvement is done on a continuous basis. One of the responsibilities that are handled by Boraie Development LLC’s the property Management department is the administration marketing, maintenance, leasing as well as customer service.

Boraie is a respected business man partly due to the contribution that he has made toward his community. He serves the member on the Board of Trustee for the historical State Theater that is located in New Brunswick. He is also very dedicated supporting a partner through giving of his financial support so as to maintain the theater’s education as well as artistic and other programs. To learn more about Boraie Development LLC’s upcoming projects, visit

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Eye Makeup From Lime Crime Can Make Your Evening

Have You Heard of Lime Crime?


If you are new to the world of makeup and are looking for a new makeup company to buy from, consider heading over to the Lime Crime website to see what they have to offer. There, you’ll find a number of wonderful products for the eyes, face and lips.

This company was founded in Los Angeles, California by the current CEO Doe Deere. the company was launched in 2008. All products from Lime Crime are animal friendly and made in the United States. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. Makeup from this company is also vegan friendly, making Lime Crime extremely popular with the Pinterest crowd.

The Best Products


This company has hundreds of different products available on their website, and ordering is a breeze. The key with their makeup products is that they are unique and special just like you!


Unlike many of the most popular makeup companies in drug stores and department stores today, these products are more radical and extravagant. It’s nothing like what you will see advertised on television or in women’s magazines.


For example, instead of a range of pinks, mauves and reds for lipsticks, you’ll see lipstick colors like bright green, shocking orange and cozy blue, and the same goes for eye makeup and face makeup as well. All of this makeup is super fun. You’ll love it!


One of the most favored makeup products from this company is the liquid lipstick. This company was one of the first to make and sell liquid lipstick that looks matte when applied. Our favorites are in the Velvetines line. The hues are thick and deep so that you get the perfect look every time, and it stays on all day.


You will also love the large selection of eye makeup from this company. From funky eyeliner colors to shimmery and shiny eyeshadows, there’s something for everyone here.


If you’d like to peruse the selection, all products are available on the website. You can even join the mailing list by entering your e-mail address there, and if you have any concerns, comments or questions, it’s simple to chat online with a knowledgeable representative from the company as well.

Find out more information about Lime Crime on their Tumblr page:

New York’s Wedding Photography Studio Of Choice – George Street Photo And Video

George Street Photo and Video is one of the top choices in New York for couples to have as their wedding photographers. In addition to timeless photos, George Street also provides wonderfully edited videos of the nuptials and the events surrounding the ceremony. Their packages are also affordable, starting at only $1795.
George Street has been highly rated by experts and customers alike. Online wedding site gave the studio a Hall of Fame award for the “best of weddings”. On another professional wedding site,, George Street Photo and Video has been given a stellar 4.4 out of 5.0 by married couples who had used their services. Some of the comments include how discreet the photographers were and really blended into the background. Others mention being blown away when they saw their wedding photos and what an absolute pleasure it was working with George Street both before and during the wedding.

How Social Media Can Help Your Online Reputation Management

How your company engages with customers on social media can greatly affect your online reputation. Today, many smart companies are using social media as an extension of their customer service department. With so many consumers wanting to interact with brands via social media it is easy to see how this should be a part of your online reputation management strategy.

There are three main areas that social media can help you manage your reputation online. Master these and you will be in an advantageous position to handle any customer issue that arises.

  1. Credibility In The Marketplace

How your brand behaves online will go a long way to determine how your customers view your business. Many companies have been savaged by social media users after posting an insensitive or poorly timed Tweet or Facebook post.

You also need to address any negative social media post bout your company. Do not argue, instead, try to find a solution to the problem. Continually search for mentions of your company on all social media platforms. Engage with all customers who are talking about you.

  1. Tell Your Story

Online reputation management is not just about putting out fires, you must also use it to get your story out. Telling your story not only helps shape the perception of your company, but it also gives you an opportunity to create real engagement with your customers.

  1. Supplement Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social media should be a significant part of your online marketing strategy. When it comes to your marketing, social media is a cost-effective way to promote your business and find out what your customers really want from you.

Use social media to effectively listen to your customers. What are they saying about your products or service? BY trying out different marketing messages on social media you can easily see which ones resonate more.

Online reputation management can be time-consuming but by using social media you can quickly determine what is being said about your company and respond accordingly. Used wisely, social media can become a valuable tool for your business.


Finding A Way to Give Back

When a person is truly successful, they are successful in all areas of their lives. This includes educational, professional, and family life. Anthony “Tony” Petrello is an example of a man who has been successful in all aspects of his life.

Tony Petrello started out his adult life by attending Yale University. There he earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in Mathematics. After graduating, Tony went on to Harvard Law School. He graduated two years later and went to work for Baker & McKenzie. Tony worked there for 13 years and even served as a managing partner.

In 1991, Tony Petrello went to work for Nabors Industries, Ltd. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 and is an oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling company. Tony has been the CEO since 2011. While he has been very successful with his work with Nabors Industries, it is his work with the Texas Children’s Hospital that has been very impressive.

The Texas Children’s Hospital is home to the Jan & Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The Neurological Research Institute studies neurological disorders. Tony Petrello and his wife work very closely with the research institute and are devoted to finding a cure. This cause is very close to their family.

Their daughter was born early at 24 weeks weighing just over one pound. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has some developmental delays. With the work being done at the Texas Children’s Hospital, their daughter has made huge advances.

Tony Petrello and his wife work very closely with and are huge donors to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony is also a member of the board and he and his wife are doing everything they can to help find a cure.

Tony Petrello has worked very hard in his adult life. He has been very successful in his professional life. Outside of his work life, Tony and his family are giving back in a big way. They are doing everything they can for the Texas Children’s Hospital and are dedicated to their cause.