Whitney Wolfe: Changing the World One Click at a Time

Whitney Wolfe cannot be stopped. 29-year-old Whitney Wolfe has already made millions with her app that puts relationship matching in the hands of women. She works to empower women with Bumble and is announcing a new targeted field of study to push both men and women even further.

Bumble is about to jump into an entire new territory. They plan to attack the beauty world and bring more happiness to people’s skin worldwide. The company and Wolfe have spent months working with dermatologists and psychotherapists making new products that target skin issues. Bumble hopes to launch two new serums in 2019. Visit fortune.com to know more about Whitney Wolfe.

Not only is Bumble going the beauty route, the app is expanding to include other interests. Bumble BFF is booming with over three million users that use it to connect to friends. Bumble Bizz is also blowing up as it helps users in the professional field.

Why does Whitney Wolfe keep going though she’s already made millions? She says it’s all about taking away misogyny in the world. She is working with legislators trying to make it illegal to send unsolicited offensive photos to women. Wolfe was fired by the app Tinder in 2014 and sued them for sexual harassment. She also claims to have dated someone as a teenager that treated her without respect belittling her with mental abuse. She wants to stop this as much as possible.

All of the positive empowerment is paying off for Wolfe as Bumble has over 35 million users around the globe. The app isn’t only about connecting people, but also about positive change. Bumble does not allow guns in photos which angered many whom sent Wolfe death threats and published false reports about her. Wolfe just shrugged her shoulders and kept on pushing forward.

Whitney Wolfe promises the world no matter what she is moving forward with Bumble. She plans to partner with people globally and keep growing the app. More than just an app, and with its million of users, Wolfe promises to try to change the world one click at a time.

Read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe


Facts About Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Charles Borthwick was born on 17th February 1913 and passed away on 25th September 2003. He was a Scottish broadcaster and author whose books documented the popularization of climbing as a working-class sport in Scotland. In the course of the Second World War, Borthwick served with various British Army units in Western Europe, Sicily, and North Africa.

After the war, Alastair wrote his second book, Sans Peur, which was a history of his battalion during the Second World War. Distinct n by retired generals or committees, his book was written from the view of a junior officer who battled on the front line. From numerous regimental histories written at a period in which most climbing and mountaineering literature were composed of formulaic expedition books documenting travels by the well-to-do to exotic destinations, his classic account of domestic mountain escapades “Always a Little Further” became short of being a groundbreaker.

Published in 1939, it clearly described the beginning of the “grass-roots” movement into the Scottish hills by the unemployed and working-class of Clydebank and Glasgow. Initially driven by the “Wandervogel” movement prospering in Germany’s Weimar Republic, a wave of interest in hiking and climbing had grown across northern Europe eventually resulting in the development of national youth hostels associations.

Whereas other writers such as W.H.Murray and J.H.B Bell decided to document the events of the mountaineering elite and focused on the climbing itself, Borthwick recorded the personalities among the new breed of underprivileged egalitarian climbers and “gangrels of all sorts.” Illustrations of encounters with tinkers and hawkers, tramps, and funny hitch-hiking accounts made his book a classic of its genre.

Apart from being a proficient author, he was also a television and radio broadcaster where he wrote and presented programs on various topics. Therefore, it can be deduced that Alastair Borthwick was an author whose contributions have gone a long way in revolutionizing how people document events.

Helpful reference: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usbiography/b/alastairborthwick.html

Steve Ritchie Speaks Up For Papa John’s Pizza

Steve Ritchie has spoken up for Papa John’s Pizza by offering an apology to all the customers, employees, and franchisees. He offered an apology that he thought would set the record straight on where the company stands. He wanted the people who are buying their pizza to know what they were buying, and he wanted the employees to know that they are in a welcoming place. This is a thing that he had to do to make the company a much stronger business and brand.

  1. The Public Apology

The public apology was something that he believed he had to do, and there were many people who came out in support of Steve. He was doing the right thing for the people who are working with the company, and he also knows that the people who worked for the company needed to know that the corporate office was behind them. His company is now moving forward by trying to offer great pizza and great service.

  1. What Is Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is a better pizza because of the way that it is made and marketed. There are a lot of people who are buying these pizzas because they like the sauces. They could get some extra foods from the company, and they often buy these pizzas to enjoy their weekends or evenings. In an article from qsrmagazine.com, it says that someone who is trying to make the best food decisions can buy from Papa John’s, or they could come to work for Papa John’s because they want to get a job at a place that they think will be best for them.

  1. The Jobs

Papa Johns is a place that people can come to get a job because they could work locally. They could work in a place that will help them make money, and they will be a part of a company that is turning the page into a new chapter.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who is trying to make the best possible choice for their company could follow Steve Ritchie Papa John’s lead. He has made things right at Papa John’s going forward with their business serving great pizza.

Original source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/08/24/papa-johns-bias-diversity-training/1085908002/

Ted Bauman: Protect Your Information

When it comes to protecting our information in this new digital world, Ted Bauman can give us a few tips. Most people don’t believe that their information on their computer or internet can be tampered with. The internet has large amounts of information collected over the past few years. This happens as we constantly pumping information into websites, software applications and more. Our personal information is everywhere. Some may not be aware that the National Security Agency, and other government bodies such as the FBI, has been accused of violating our privacy rights. We don’t realize that private companies are collecting our personal information to turn around and sell products and services to us that they think we may need. Even ATM’s don’t seem safe due to the magnetic strip that can be used to steal your private information.

The best ways to secure your information is to use file encryption. The goals is to turn all information into digital characters. This is easily done my scanning your important documents and creating PDF files. Save them to your hard drive and place that in a safe that is fireproof and waterproof. Your safe should also have some kind of network connection that is designed in the side of the machine. A safe has always been a good way to protect our personal and valuable items. They go unnoticed by a burglar or someone you don’t want to find it. Ted Bauman says he refuses to lose his documents because the cloud failed to backed up his information.

Ted Bauman received degrees in economics and history from the University Of Cape Town. He also held important positions within the nonprofit industry and also worked as a fund manager assisting low cost housing projects. He has over two decades in the finance industry and knows what it takes to protect your personal information. The changing of technology in relation to our personal information require that you have backups. Ted Bauman states that file encryption is probably known as the best way to go when turning all of your personal information into a digital track record of characters.

Real Estate Titian Hussain Sajwani

Billionaire Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties; he founded the luxury real estate company in 2002. DAMAC started out as a food catering company has grown to become a real estate empire that employs over two-thousand people, and produces nearly two-billion dollars in revenue annually. DAMAC properties were recently ranked number one on the Forbes Global 2000 list. They have built residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as Jordan, and have commercial and residential projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Real estate developer Sajawani and The Trump Family have been friends for years, his Sons Eric and Donald Jr even went on to attend the wedding of his daughter Amira Sajwani, who also serves as DAMAC Chief Financial Officer. DAMAC is partnering with Donald Trump to develop an 18 hole luxury course designed by Tiger Woods, the course will feature the most luscious greenery and be lined with hundreds of beautiful villas. These luxury villas will bet priced around two-million each. The fifty million square foot development has been named the Oxygen Project; all of the roads will link up to the Akoya Oxygen complex. The Trump International brand also has plans to open a hotel and a golf school attached to the course, and even plans to open another course designed by Woods. The Trump brand has been known to build the best-reviewed golf courses in the world; by partnering with DAMAC Properties they will be able to create possibly the most magnificent golf course in not only The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but the entire Middle East. The president has gone on to praise Hussain Sajwana and DAMAC Properties during his speech at his New Year Eve celebration during his inauguration.

Hussain Sajawani is not only a real estate titan, Mr. Sajawani and DAMAC Properties are also known for their generous philanthropy and acts of charity. Many do not realize, DAMAC were the main food supplier for US troops during the operation Desert Storm. Hussain Sajawani also contributes to many charitable organizations, Hussain Sajwani donated nearly two million alone to providing 50 thousand children with clothing, as well as supporting Dubai Cares and Emirates Red Crescent charities.

Read more here: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/15249401-hussain-ali-habib-sajwani

Ordering Genucel Is as Easy As the Alphabet

Ordering stuff online is often a daunting task especially when one has to filter all the available products to get to the outcome of their preference. Chamonix, the producers of Genucel, understand the struggle, and their order page is elegant and complete with pictures of their various products. The order page enjoys four stars of the possible five as its uniqueness not only makes shopping worth it but the experience memorable. Anyone would love to purchase more under the best circumstances.

Shoppers looking to buy Genucel from the order page can do so while enjoying other offers such as reduced prices and gifts. No one ever refused a gift, and for this reason, shoppers flock the page for refills as well as a chance to walk away with a fantastic gift. It is incredible that the page offers an opportunity at customizing purchases meaning one gets to choose when to order and it is great that if a product does not satisfy conventional standards, then they refund as promised. The 100% guarantees are not only promised but are a great insight into the quality of the products because anyone offering to refund money in full is confident that their product is worthwhile.

Clientele list of the Genucel eye cream shop directly from the company website order page. While the consumers of the Genucel continue enjoying beautiful eyes and skin, it helps that one must enroll in the auto-refill club. The auto-refill club ensures that one rarely runs out of their Genucel supply. It also provides that one does not worry about frequent purchases or forgetting to order on time because the company guarantees that refills arrive on time and in the best standard possible.

More about Making a Purchase

Chamonix does not accept cash. Instead, they charge their customers’ bills to their credit cards once a purchase is complete. Reading the full terms and conditions in the order page ensures that one completes shopping without a snag.





Aloha Construction Superior Services

Aloha Construction is a certified family-owned company of both bonded and insured General constructors offering services for all Southern Wisconsin and Illinois residents. They take pride in assisting residents of various Counties such as Peoria, McClean, Tazewell, Washington, and Champaign. They have their headquarters in Bloomington. They have completed more than 18000 projects in Gurnee, Round Lake, Mundelein, Grayslake, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Lindenhurst, Libertyville, Wauconda, Palatine, Bloomington, Hoffman Estates, Peoria, Normal, Pekin, Washington, Mahomer, and Morton. They have covered the Midwest.


They are the best and the leading in the roofing industry. The company has a quality team that comprises various specialists such as manages, inspectors, installers, as well as office staff members. It has undergone an incredible transformation over the years where it started as a small construction firm and has managed to become a big industry leading general contractor. This has enabled it to attain a wide range of accomplishments in conjunction to industry certificates. Aloha Construction specializes in exterior service provision such as commercial and residential roof installation, roofing inspections, siding repair services, home repair, storm damage repair, seamless gutters as well as wind damage repair.


They have a vast experience of more than 84 years which led to their accreditation. They also provide a ten-year Craftsmanship warranty. They are currently the best and the leading company and has managed to maintain their reputation for strength, unmatched safety, and integrity in the construction industry. Their team members have the interest of their customers at heart and have a great passion towards success. They offer live-long and stable careers. The candidates are thoroughly trained and can guarantee high grossing incomes.


Aloha Construction family is comprised of people with incredible entrepreneurial skills They also have an extremely viable system which creates intense volume in such a way that all their team members are always ready to tackle and take advantage of all the apparent opportunities.


The 2018 election cycle has presented End Citizens United with yet another opportunity to continue their campaign finance reform efforts. End Citizen United (ECU) has been in play since 2015 following the Citizen United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling back in 2010. The Supreme Court decision paved the way for people with unlimited money to be part of the American election and gave them the power to influence it. ECU, therefore, seeks to overturn this ruling and eliminate dark money in the political scene.

End Citizens United survives on grassroots donations to drive their agendas and reform the campaign finance system. To deliver on their mission, the group only endorses candidates who remain strong by not accepting PAC’s money. The End Citizen United, therefore, support such candidates financially by raising funds to give pro-reform candidates a fighting chance. ECU has set an average of $14 for donations. To chip in the 2018 election cycle, EUC expects over $35 million from the grassroots donors.

Read more about End Citizens United at politifact.com

Pro-reform candidates who are backed by the End Citizens United not only get funding but also have access to a network of EUC members who provide the political support they need. Some of the endorsements that stand out in the 2018 midterm elections are Beto O’Rouke, Randy Bryce, Jack Rosen, Ami Bera, Donald McEachin, Sherrod Brown, Tommy Baldwin, Augus King Andy Kim among many others. End Citizens United is hopeful to retain the candidates in order to challenge the Republican incumbents.

End Citizens United has as well involved the citizen and has made the necessary steps to give power to them. The group has conducted nationwide campaigns, provided centralized hubs and has become a member of the People’s Defense. Their efforts have driven strong petitions to senators’ offices nationwide.

The group has also been known not to back down and this goes back to 2006 when they stood against senators for refusing to hold a hearing on Judge Merrick Garland nomination. Apart from that, it has opposed Trumps nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Gorsuch.

Despite End Citizen United efforts, individuals who support the Campaign finance reforms have to turn out and put a stop to campaign finance corruption. Basically, it is a joint effort between EUC  the reforms.

Learn more: https://votesmart.org/interest-group/2568/end-citizens-united#.W5qSU5NKhTY


HCR Wealth Advisors Personalizes Investment Strategies for A Modern Market

Let’s imagine a game show. You sit there with the lights of the studio bearing down on you and the entire audience watching. The technology-based game show then unloads an unlimited amount of information concerning a particular topic. It’s up to you to sort through the information to pick out what’s important and what’s not. The first contestant to do so wins.

The modern financial markets work similarly. Investors are bombarded with massive amounts of information and must choose actionable information carefully. Investors that can do this often finds success in the markets. And this skill can move mountains of wealth almost instantaneously.

This makes the markets of today much different than the markets of a decade ago. It also makes it more important than ever to develop personalized strategies to navigate the complicated markets. That’s why HCR Wealth Advisors have kept many of its clients for more than a decade. This SEC-registered investment advisory firm is based out of Los Angeles, California, and works with individuals of all income levels to develop personalized investment strategies.

They have such good customer retention because the company sits down with their clients in order to get to know them. This allows the firm to understand personal goals which guides the formulation of a personal financial strategy. They have years of experience understanding which pieces of information are important which drives up their efficacy.

The team at HCR Wealth Advisors is saying that personalized strategies are more important than ever because 2018 is shaping up to be very volatile. The market has shown swings of up to 400 points after a very steady 2017.

Last year was an investor’s dream. The economy stayed steady as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to help manage the markets. In fact, the annual return for the S&P 500 were over 20% and every month showed a positive return. This has never happened before in the history of the stock market.

HCR Wealth Advisors can craft personalized investment strategies to help clients manage the market volatility while managing risk.

Read more: http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2018/aug/20/most-influential-wealth-managers-los-angeles-steve/

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Dr Mark McKenna Offers An Innovative Solution To Help People Who Don’t Have The Time For Elective Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mark McKenna says that since his father was is a doctor he learned all about the world from a young age. He didn’t know what he wanted to do once he was older but he didn’t think to be a doctor himself was an option. He viewed the medical profession as too staid and regimented with no room for someone like him. He felt that he was a maverick and you couldn’t be that way as a doctor. As he eventually learned this was wrong and innovation is welcome in any industry.

He eventually earned his medical degree at Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna loved real estate, though, and so, along with his dad, they started a New Orleans development firm in that industry. They purchased a lot of properties and the business was going well until Hurricane Katrina hit, destroying a lot of their properties. He had already grown weary of that industry’s stresses and roller-coaster-like movements so he decided to wind that business down.

After reflecting on what he wanted to do next Dr. Mark McKenna says that he developed a passion for medicine. He moved to Atlanta and wanted to create a new company that would upend the elective healthcare industry. He also spotted the trend of more people, both men and women, wanting to have elective cosmetic surgery performed on them.

He founded OVME in Atlanta’s trendiest neighborhood. His company offers surgical procedures such as liposuction and facelifts. They also perform Botox, dermabrasions, and other noninvasive procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna says that each patient is treated as an individual. He and his staff deliver top-notch customer service which revolves around truly listening to what each customer is seeking from him.

People’s schedules today are hectic with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Dr. Mark McKenna says that the team at OVME recognizes this and is looking at coming up with innovative solutions to solve this time-crunch. He might even start offering noninvasive procedures in his customer’s homes and offices. This would benefit his company by increasing revenues while also benefitting customers who want a procedure done but can’t find the time to do it.



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