Norka Luque Builds Herself into a Prominent Musical Brand

Norka Luque, the Milagro hit maker, has stayed true to her ambitions of impaction on people by releasing songs that add meaning to their lives. Apart from her gorgeous voice, this Venezuela-born U.S-based singer has a knack for composing and singing beautiful songs full of motivation. The current position of this sweet dreamer is an expression of her passion and hard work. Considering she has held her goals of bringing inspiration to the people’s lives firmly, Norka Luque is destined for greatness.

Why the song Milagro became an instant success

Milagro is a song that combines aspects of Mediterranean culture, Caribbean vocals, and reggae. The song is full of inspirational message, which coupled with Norka’s gorgeous voice, have turned it into an international hit. Immediately after its release, Milagro received massive airplay in major nations such as the United States, Venezuela (her home nation), and Puerto Rico. Milagro debuted as one of widely played and favorite songs in the highly esteemed Latin Music Billboards. The song targets individuals who are overwhelmed with challenges. Through Milagro, Norka demonstrates to his fans the importance of working towards overcoming a personal crisis instead of just giving up. The Milagro is a production of the Emilio Estefan-led group of talented producers and composition by Pena, Giraldo, and Gaitan. Norka has promoted the song globally by performing at leading clubs, festivals, and sharing it on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Norka’s advice to fellow musicians

Norka believes that artists are responsible for inspiring their fans using their songs or art. She advises musicians to try to build a strong connection with their fans rather than focusing on releasing clubbing songs. She believes the society evolves concurrently with music. She advises artists to desist from corrupting the message they send to their fans even with the introduction of new genres, music styles, and rhythms. In other words, Norka says that societal values should remain the same, even with the launch of new music genres.

Norka is an outcome of several situations that have made her take life more seriously. These situations have made her realize that her destiny is music, the tool through which she can transmit love to her fans. She has a new song called “Tomorrowland,” which is doing well in both the U.S. and Venezuela. When not busy composing amazing songs, Norka loves to exercise and spend time with her family and friends. She is a prominent figure on Facebook where she regularly updates her followers about her upcoming gigs.

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