Lori Senecal Advises Advertisers to Reach for the Emotions

Successful advertising is something that needs to be figured out. One thing that people may fail at when it comes to advertising is trying to appeal to the logic of people. While sometimes this may work for individuals, many people are not driven by their logic. In fact, logic is not one of the strongest forces that drive an individual, reveals mediapost.com. Therefore, it is important to find something else to appeal to for the audience. Lori Senecal herself has given people ideas on what they can do in order to reach out to others and gain their attention. Lori advises that people aim for the heart.


According to bloomberg.com, one of the advantages to aiming for the heart is that people are going to be stirred to action when they view the ad. The way to aim for the hearts of people is to figure out what means the most to them. The best way to do this is by finding a target audience. For instance, people that are selling health related items are most likely to reach people when they are looking for people that are either living a healthy life or have goals for reaching a healthier life. One example is to show someone who has goals an example of someone who has reached his goals.


To go along with aiming for the heart, Senecal has also advised others to consider the platforms that they are using so that they can reach people at the greatest potential. For instance, people can go beyond television and then reach people at their social platforms. They can do this through a combination of social engagement and advertising. One of the best things to do is establish an image while getting people acquainted with the individual or brand so that they will develop the desire to do business with them.




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