Fabletics Is Riding High In The Athleisure Wear Market

Fabletics athleisure wear has enjoyed huge success in the last three years. Since the creation of the company, co-founder Kate Hudson has been under the microscope regarding the way that the business is promoted and run. This is largely due to the fact that Kate is a superstar in Hollywood and when you transition from being a world known actress to running a giant apparel company many individuals will be wondering how you will handle the transition. Obviously, Kate is taking Fabletics seriously. She has been a solid spokesperson and has shown that she is a seasoned business professional with the drive and ambition to take the company to the next level.

The athleisure craze has blown up to massive proportions and Fabletics has been riding the top of the wave. They are one of the pioneers of the everyday athletic wear trend on AdWeek that has taken the country by storm. Women of all ages can be seen wearing their products for their everyday clothing needs. It is common to see people all over wearing these fashions. They combine function, comfort, and style.

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Fabletics is a clothing subscription service that is a branch of the famous JustFab company. They offer a boutique of clothing monthly to their subscribers. Upon signing up, customers are asked about style preference and based on the answers to the questions the in-house design team will offer a collection of clothing every month. The customer can pick an item in exchange for their $40 subscription fee. The customer can choose to skip a month if they wish by logging into their account and selecting that option. There is no charge for skipping a month.

Fabletics also offers other clothing options on YouTube such as evening wear that is made of the same super comfortable materials that the athletic wear is made out of. They offer a full collection of swimwear as well. Fabletics customers can have comfort and style no matter what time of day or where they will be going.

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