End Citizens United Is Currently Endorsing Midterm Candidates

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working hard to bring attention to the issue of big money controlling decisions made in congress. The ECU organization seeks to assist candidates who will aim to end the Citizens United decision and reform the campaign financing system. They raise grassroots donations for the candidates they support. The 2018 midterms has ECU and many democrats in a frenzy to run in the election and hopefully take more control of congress.

The latest goal of the ECU is to bring down a list of politicians they’ve nicknamed the Big Money 20. The Big Money 20 are a select group of politicians who are practically drowning in special interest money. They’re controlled by those big donors to such a degree that there is little reality in expecting them to vote and function for the people of this nation. This isn’t acceptable in a republic style government where the creed was government by the people for the people. End Citizens United has named the Big Money 20 openly on their website. This way voters can see who are the worst of the worst and vote for candidates who are truly for the people.

To reach their goal of taking back Congress they have needed to amp up their efforts to endorse candidates. This effort has been going fairly smoothly since a good number of people are interested in running without big money involvement due to more public awareness on the detrimental effect having big money in politics has caused to the government in the United States. Some of the recent candidates that ECU has endorsed for the 2018 midterms include ten new reformers. The candidates include: Mel Hall from Indiana, Aftab Pureval and Theresa Gasper from Ohio, Richard Ojeda from West Virginia, Archie Parnell from South Carolina, and Elaine Luria from Virginia. The four from Illinois are Brad Schneider, Sean Casten, Betsy Londrigan, and Lauren Underwood.

The End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller has happily pointed out the current amount raised so far by the political action committee for the upcoming midterms is an impressive $4 million. President Tiffany Muller has announced that her team has projected the full amount they will raise for the 2018 midterms may be as much as $35 million by the time of the elections.

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