Does Wen By Chaz Work for Fine Hair?

The WEN hair care line has a cleansing conditioner formulated for every type of hair, including fine, curly and thick hair. An all in one solution, a cleansing conditioner from Wen takes the place of a shampoo, conditioner and styling product. The conditioners leave any type of hair with a shiny, soft feeling. For those who have fine hair that tends to look limp or oily, Wen may seem too good to be true. One Amazon product that serves multiple purposes may seem heavy or cause the hair to look dirty and oily.

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But fine hair can look great with the use of Wen, as seen in an article recently published on Bustle. A Bustle writer with fine hair took on the challenge of using this sephora endorsed product for a week to see how well it worked on her hair. During the week, she used the Wen hair product as directed on the package and styled her hair various ways, including blowing it out and curling it. The article reported that she was very happy overall with the product, the soft feeling it gave her hair and the shiny condition it left her hair in. She also reported that her hair felt somewhat greasy at the root area, but that adjusting the amount being used helped to control this problem.

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WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.