David McDonald’s Revolutionary Tenure At The Helm Of OSI Group

The expected output from a business largely hinges on its management. Therefore, a company would spend a fortune to hire a professional who would deliver. To OSI Group, David McDonald has it all. He tags along professionalism and invaluable experience from his antecedent involvements in the corporate world.

An overview of his background and career
A graduate of Iowa State University, David McDonald is a degree holder in Animal Science. At OSI Group, he has steadily risen to serve as its president and chief operating officer. Initially, David had served as a project manager of OSI Industries. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute, director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Limited, and a board member at OSI Group.

His take on OSI Group’s mega acquisitions
2016 was a busy year for OSI Group, unlike previous years. Seeking to outfox its close competitors, it staged several well-orchestrated acquisitions and mergers communicating its intent. To begin with, in June, it acquired a food processing and storage facility in Chicago from Tyson Foods. Under the guidance of David McDonald OSI Group, this purchase would prove a requisite to the growth of the two entities. In quick succession, OSI Group purchased Baho Food in August, a Netherlands-based multinational. Parallel to previous transactions, the financial details remained undisclosed. As David McDonald OSI Group notes, the company has in the process acquired a more significant foothold on the European market. OSI Group would work with Baho Food’s top brass to develop a workable growth strategy for the companies.

Finally, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe in December, later rebranded Creative Foods Europe. In his own words, David McDonald OSI Group assents OSI would reap from the partnership too, giving it a greater scope in Europe. David McDonald OSI Group adds that the products and brands owned by Flagship Food Group marry with OSI’s processing strengths; thus serving their customers better than before. Elsewhere, OSI Group made improvements to its Spanish wing between 2016 and mid-2017. That way, it was able to double its processed chicken production. David McDonald expects that the expansion would allow OSI to offer new products and assist their consistent clients to grow.

For a honcho of David McDonald’s stature, any company would pay to the last penny for his services. Bestowed with such zeal and power, he redefines leadership in the entrepreneurial podium. Hated and loved in equal magnitude, David’s star illuminates even brightest.

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