Daniel Taub – The Supreme Ambassador

As a Jewish-Israeli diplomat, Daniel Taub has frequently made appearances on various news, further increasing his public profile, while also helping to solidify his stance as a servant of the people.

While his appearance, often wearing a skull cap, presents a significant divergence from that of the average foreign diplomat, it was his role in creating one of the most popular soap operas to hit Israel in recent times, that has garnered him increased clout amongst the community that he so staunchly supports.

The head of the Israeli legation for the International Court of Justice is the mind behind the storyline and the scripts for “Rebbe’s Court.” Two years before its debut on the budding Tchelet station, while Mr. Taub was taking part in a panel to discuss ideas regarding the development of a new show, he came up with the idea for “Rebbe’s Court.”

Having very little knowledge on the ins-and-outs of scriptwriting, and not having ever watched a full episode of any soap opera, Mr. Taub had no intention of writing the script himself, but in an effort to adhere to the suggestions of his contemporaries, he obliged them. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Due to the demanding nature of his current occupation, he felt it necessary to take a sabbatical from his daily routine in order to fully concentrate on the development of his latest project. Delving into a number of old scripts and books detailing the process of scriptwriting, he immersed himself in the project and eventually wrote 26 episodes of Tchelet’s breakout hit.

It was the nature of the relationship between secular and traditional Jewish-Israelis that drove him to take the development of “Rebbe’s Court” full-on, as he viewed it as an opportunity to create a higher level of awareness between the two school’s of thought.

Choosing to highlight the lifestyles of his secular Jewish-Israeli characters, he attempted to create an environment in which his audience would develop an intimate connection with people that, under ordinary circumstances, they might not give a second look to.

The traditional wedge between traditional Jewish-Israelis and their counterparts is one that has troubled Daniel Taub for a number of years, and because of this, he was not immediately vocal about his role in the creation of “Rebbe’s Court,” but as time passed, he came to realize that the reception of the program was overwhelmingly positive.

This positive reception helped elevate Daniel Taub’s status amongst the Israeli-Jewish community.

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