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Kim Doa Talks About Her Top Foundation Products

In December, Kim Dao was joined with Sunnydahye to highlight the best beauty products of 2016. I would like to share some of the products with you. Kim Dao has her own Korean and Japanese makeup line. Her basic makeup line includes base makeup for face, eyes, and lips. The first one is called Face Blur.


Face Blur is an inexpensive facial cream that comes in a plastic bottle. It minimizes pores and covers skin defects and tones the skin. For that photoshop facial look, Sunnydahle recommends Milchak Skin BB Cream comes in a tube. It gives you plenty of coverage and that natural, healthy feeling. Next, Kim Dao recommends Double Lasting Foundation that has full coverage.


Double Lasting Foundation is great for sensitive skin and comes in many skin tones to match most skin colors. This is also SP34 PA++ 30g that means that the face will be protected from sun damage including melanoma. Sunnydahye recommends Meteorites Powder.


Meteorites Powder. It looks like assorted pastel colored mints. This powder can be used as a highlighter for the eyes. It’s an illuminating powder that can be put on the face with a makeup brush all over the face. The different colors are supposed to even out the skin tone. Next Kim Dao wants people to try April Skin Cushion.


April Magic Skin Cushion comes like a compact that has no mirror. It comes in two types one for normal skin and one for oily skin. Kim Dao wears this every day.

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