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Helane Morrison’s Accomplishments During her Service at the SEC

Helane Morrison is a hard working female attorney who is based in San Francisco and has made significant achievements during her career. She has worked for the government and the private sector. Morrison studied journalism at the Northwestern University and later enrolled for a law degree at the University of California. The Securities and Exchange Commission offered her a job in 1996, and she worked at the San Francisco District Office. Her determination and passion enabled her to hold top offices at the organization. She was the enforcement director at San Francisco, and her work was highly acknowledged. Morrison took legal action against corrupt officials in organizations NextCard, Inc., HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Dean Witter, New York’s Republic Securities, and Google. Her efforts were appreciated, and she was made chief of the San Francisco District Office.


As the head of a SEC district office, Helane supervised analysis and enforcement activities that were conducted in the North Western States. These include Idaho, Montana, North California, Oregon, North Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Her office directly reported to the Los Angeles-based Pacific Regional office. Morrison’s predecessor was David Bayles, and he had been the chief of the San Francisco office for five years. He left his SEC job to join the private sector and is currently a partner at the Morrison & Foerster law company.


Morrison is one of the few women who has been offered a top office by the SEC. Others who have been district chiefs are Valerie Capron, Carmen Lawrence, and Mary Keefe. Her term as the head of the San Francisco area was filled with activities, which made the office to increase its examination and analysis staff from 30 to 60. She ensured that her office enforced securities and regulatory compliance in San Francisco. Helane represented the SEC at the government institutions, business deals, financial groups, and legal matters.


Helane Morrison’s practice as an attorney in the private sector was also successful. In 1986, she was hired by the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and worked for it until 1996. The law firm named her as a partner in 1991. She served the company’s clients by offering legal services in SEC issues, internal company investigation, private securities, and corporate lawsuits. Morrison was also hired to represent customers that were facing class actions ligations and stockbrokers in arbitrations. She was a court clerk for Justice Richard Posner and Justice Harry A. Blackmun. Helane is currently an employee of the Hall Capital Partners, where she serves as the chief compliance officer.



One of the major determinants of the success of an organization is the nature of the employees in terms of skills and competence. Julie Zuckerberg is focused on ensuring that organizations hire only the best. She is a talent acquisition expert who specializes in talent management and acquisition, employee training, conflict resolution, team leadership and other aspects of human resources. She acts as a link between clients and employees whereby she talks to employees about the work requirements, benefits, opportunities and working conditions. She advises the hiring managers on how to make job specifications for the various positions. She has devised recruitment methods such as internet search, direct sourcing, employee referrals and social media in her work.



She is currently the Executive Talent Acqusition Lead and Vice President for Deutsche Bank. She has held this position since 2014. At this position, she gives strategic training and direction to the team of professional recruiters that she manages. She also leads in the development and negotiations for offers on management level positions. Her roles also entail giving leadership advice on hiring governance and best recruitment practices. This ensures that the organization attracts and hires highly talented individuals.



Julie studied a degree in philosophy at the City University of New York – Brooklyn College. After she completed her degree she studied Law at the New York Law School. Her strong education background gave her the skills and professionalism required in her line of work.



Julie began her career at Hudson in 2002 where she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement. At the position she performed employee coaching, counseling and conflict resolution. She also recruited case managers, attorneys, paralegals and staff for various positions at many financial institutions, corporations and legal firms. She worked until 2007 when she left for Citi Global Functions.



At Citi, she worked as vice president and executive recruiter where she offered recruitment services for director and managing director positions for CitiCards and Citi Global. She provided advice on recruitment strategies and negotiated complex job offers for senior level positions. She worked at Citi until 2013 when she joined New York Life Insurance Company. At the company, worked as the senior recruiter and vice president for one year then moved to Deutsche Bank.



During her work, Julie has had an opportunity to work with great mentors who have enabled her to not only develop her career but also develop expertise over the years. With over 10 years’ experience in talent acquisition, she has worked with business leaders in commercial and private sectors. She believes that talent can come from anywhere and therefore sources for candidates globally. Her clients greatly trust her to bring them the best talent and also train the new employees to increase their competitive edge.



Besides work, Julie enjoys running, art and photography. She is also an advocate for human rights, animal welfare, economic empowerment, culture and arts and also civil rights. She participates in charity volunteer events and also organizes employee counseling and coaching. She is also quite social and maintains a few social media pages.