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Congress And The Internet: Make Sure Because They May Not

When it comes to looking up information, we frequently find that information; at times, can be flawed. Given that we today can merely type or ask for information on the super information highway, we need to try to ensure that information is factual, or at least have the information relative to what’s being looked for.

Let’s be frank: people can – and do – make mistakes when it comes to the dissemination of information. It’s only human nature. And while most of us think that only the most intelligent can’t do this, that sites like Wikipedia can only provide the correct information, you’d be wrong.

People get information and provide their own Wiki edits, even our members of Congress. From their clarification that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is not only fictional, but not real, but removing Creationism’s categorization as a pseudoscience, or even saying chicken is not ham.

These things are one of many things that our members of Congress have given deep thought to, even it it may be a little out of touch, even if it’s wrong and chosen to edit a Wikipedia page to reflect these thoughts. Because they’re like everybody else: people. And sometimes, we tend to skew what we know.

And in that vein; we have this site that gives us a great compendium of information. Except that it can be changed and altered by people – just like the ones in Congress – and that is the natural fact of nature: information that is neither verified or kept continually can always be altered. If one were to think it a hoax, this site would give you a significant outlook on the subject differently. There is no right or wrong in larger context, merely the way the information is conveyed. And when looking at the site and for information, you need to ensure you have fact checkers that can try and maintain the Wikipedia revisions to your page because it can go from factual to conspiracy instantly.

That’s why sites such as Get Your Wiki are so reliable.

Tend to put out factual information for readers. Though it may not be useful to many, But what you really want it is to find a place where the information comes handily. And while the sources may vary, you can always either go to verified Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki to ensure you have the information you need and want. It’s either that, or spending as much time trying to verify that the information you get is not only factual – as our members in Congress don’t really have the time or brevity to – but as accurate as possible. Because there is a strength in words. “Enhanced interrogation techniques” is another way of saying torture, but our members in Congress removed the true characterization from Wikipedia. Maybe to make people more understanding, maybe because it sounded too cruel…nobody knows.

But the power of the word is still strong, and we must protect it – and its content – without fail.