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Wikipedia Highlights Native Americans And Other Indigenous Peoples

The internet is bursting with information. When there is something important, nowadays it has a Wiki page. It’s one click and done. As easy as it sounds, there is a lot that goes into making that happen. Even with all that, there is still a bit of a shortage of data.

Wiki contributors can be found far and wide, but even with all of that, there are still gaps that need to be filled. Content depends on access to the internet. One teacher found one of those gaps. When English professor, Siobhan Senier had her students update a Wiki page for Native American authors, they ran into a bit of a snag.

Their articles were removed for one reason or another. In the end, the issue was a lack of notability. In other words, Wiki editors felt there was not enough information to warrant an entire Wiki page for a small amount of information. This has garnered attention from the Wiki community as a whole. There is now a call to action and contributors are welcome to create new pages and add on to any existing ones.

This past October, participants of the WikiConference North America were invited to the Indigenous Peoples’ Day edit-a-thon. Wiki enthusiasts and editors alike came together to flesh out articles about not just Native Americans, but other indigenous peoples as well. Hopefully, there were vast contributions to different topics, like tribes and historical figures.

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