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Is There A Fantasy Sleeper Keeper QB in the 2017 NFL Football Draft?

Let’s face it, filling your fantasy team with quality runners and elite pass catchers is critical. However, just like the real thing in professional football, the right quarterback can be the difference between a nice fantasy football season, and league champion hardware.



In this year’s rookie draft class, six quarterbacks were selected by the end of round three. All of this after none was rated as an immediate franchise changer. So, are any of them really worth a roster spot in 2017, or a must grab in a keeper league?



The Stats Don’t Lie


The likelihood for rookie quarterbacks to end up behind center during their inaugural season is a trend that has gathered steam over the last decade. Seven out of the ten best rookie QB performances have occurred during the last decade.



Throw in the all-time best rookie statistical season by Big Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, and you only have two rookie QBs who have put up numbers worthy of starting spot on a fantasy roster. Those two fellows were named Manning and Marino.



Which Rookie QBs, Are Most Worthy of a Roster Spot in 2017?


Now, although it’s rare for a rookie to take over the reigns of their new team during that first season, it does happen. When it does, that person is invariably worthy of a draft spot. This is especially true, if your league uses keeper-players.



In what was supposedly a weak draft for quarterback talent, there were still three snagged in round one, and three more taken off the big board by the end of round three. Out of these six, which ones are most worthy of a roster spot on your fantasy team?



  • Mitchell Trubisky



When your new team shifts draft spots just to make sure no one will steal you with the second selection in the draft, there’s a future plan for you. Only problem is Mitchell Trubisky may be as green as they come at quarterback.



Trubisky earned the honor of Mr. Ohio Football, before heading to Chapel Hill However, he only played one full season for the Tar Heels. Conference honors eluded him also, because he played in the ACC with two Heisman finalists. However, don’t get too caught up in college stats and awards, or the lack thereof.



Trubisky completed nearly 70% of his throws in that one season, with a 30 touchdown passes countered by only a half dozen picks. The Chicago Bears have a hunch this is their quarterback of the future, but when will that future start.



Trubisky is definitely a draft day pickup, if you have roster space to wait on a franchise QB to develop. But, is he a keeper quality quarterback? You may find out sooner than you think, considering the current state of football affairs in the Windy City.



  • DeShone Kizer



Yeah, hard to extend much hope for any quarterback associated with the poor Cleveland Browns. Their history of drafting QB failure is well documented. From Tim Couch to Johnny Football Manziel, and most recently an attempt to resurrect the career of RGIII, the Browns seem to be a field of failure for quarterbacks. Now the Browns welcome Lake Erie, the most recent QB who tried to ignite ‘Touchdown Jesus’ in South Bend, Indiana.



De Shone Kizer does not suffer from a lack of confidence. While it was certainly misinterpreted, Kizer innocently compared himself in a manner to ‘a man named Brady’. Yes, that would be record-breaking Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. In his defense, Kizer’s remarks focused on his work ethic, a penchant for going the extra mile to be the best prepared player on the field every game.



While a noble quality, the passes still have to navigate their way to their intended target. Kizer has shown some talent for accomplishing that objective as well. He is a big strong kid, who obviously does not lack confidence.



Fantasy team owners need to remember, he is going to be wearing the colors of the Cleveland Browns, so temper any grandiose expectations that Kizer could duplicate the surprise stardom of a Dak Prescott. However, is he maybe one of the most intriguing QB talents from the class of 2017? While this is the future quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, he may have more potential than anyone headed forward.



NFL rookie camps don’t start until July, so now is a great time to break up the summer-long monotony of daily MLB lineup maneuvering. Keep on the developments over the summer for the rookie class of QBs.


In all likelihood, none will surface as a week one starter, but fantasy predictions have been fooled before. No matter when they take over the reigns of their new team, Trubisky and Kizer should be the first two on your fantasy QB radar from this rookie class.