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Kenneth Goodgame portrays his skills in marketing

Kenneth Goodgame is highly skilled in merchandising and marketing. He studied at the University of Tennessee where he pursued a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance. Mr. Goodgame joined true value to serve as the Senior Vice President. He was also the Chief Marketing Officer until 2013. He acceded to the company to replace Mike Clark. Mike had announced his retirement when the company was restructuring its global distribution network, supply chain, and logistics.

According to Bloomberg, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Ace Hardware Corporation before joining True Value located in Chicago Illinois. He previously worked in other companies such as Techtronic Industries, The Home Depot, and The Newell Rubbermaid. Most of these businesses are based in North America. After joining True Value, Kenneth Goodgame proved himself to be a chief operations manager. He portrays excellent skills in generating company funds by boosting sales. He employs a mixture of a proper marketing plan and a modernized financial oversight. He is also a sales and marketing business expert.

Kenneth Goodgame’s primary focus is to create a balance between corporate alignment and production indicators. He studies several profit indicator systems to improve a company’s performance and its profitability. Mr. Goodgame mainly ensures that he exploits the ability of a company entirely.

He makes use of his excellent leadership skills to improve negotiations and productive. Kenneth Goodgame has a long experience in the marketing field. He has a veteran’s approach to his business. He evades costly mistakes that new business people will miss. Goodgame has an experience that goes for 15 years in the retail and manufacturing industry.

Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee where he holds a degree in marketing. After graduation, he started his business career at Home Depot. Goodgame rose through rankings to become a high profile individual in the company. He worked as the Senior Product Merchant at the enterprise. Through his leadership skills, the company was able to boost itself to $55 million.

Mr. Goodgame is popular for his philanthropic endeavors. He strives to make the community better through charitable deeds and giving. He is a prominent member of several non-profit foundations and organizations. His work in these organizations is to support them financially.