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U.K. Based Payment Solution Company PSI Pay

In business since 2007, the leading Fintech online banking company known as PSI Pay provides consumers with easier and safer payment solutions. Its payment options include prepaid cards, debit cards and other electronic payment methods like their newly introduced Kerv Contactless Payment ring, which is made of zirconia ceramic, and is available in a variety of sizes and 14 different colors. The innovative invention allows customers to make payments to businesses without having to use a PIN, signature or smartphone, and no bank account is required.


Since PSI Pay has been a principal member of Mastercard since 2009, the Kerv Contactless Payment ring can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and it never needs to be charged like other electronics do. The outer shell of the ring is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, as well as waterproof. PSI Pay options are available in 44 currencies and covers 173 countries. The company has been offering Mastercard services throughout the European Union since 2014.


The Kerv Wearables device is one of the first of its kind to fuse fashion with functionality, and PSI Pay partnered with the company so their global customers could be afforded the opportunity to take advantage of this alternative payment method, which they feel is going to end up being not just a trend, but the payment mode of the future that more and more people will use to make business transactions.


The obvious benefits that will come from using the contactless payment ring are that there will be no need for anyone to pay with cash or credit cards anymore, or to have to take wallets or purses with them every time they go shopping. The rings are fashionable and come in many color combinations that will most likely fit every user’s preference, and because PSI Pay is in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act, they can assure that the sharing of users’ personal data is secure.


Since it has been determined that British citizens are now carrying less cash in their wallets than they did in previous years, the contactless payment ring is a better alternative payment option for them. Consumers who have used the wearable device for their financial transactions have been pleased with the convenience it provides.