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Why OSI Food Solutions is a Global Leader in Food Processing

The OSI Food Solutions is perhaps the largest brand in the food processing industry. It is a branch of OSI Group, a company that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Aurora Illinois. The turning point of OSI Group was during the establishment of McDonald’s franchise in the middle of the 20th century. OSI became the leading supplier of fresh meat to McDonald’s franchise, thereby growing in production and global presence.

Though it was founded as a small butcher shop, the company currently operates in over 17 countries and is a leading food processor. OSI Group has merged with various international food companies making it a dominant figure in the industry. In America, for instance, the company which runs OSI Food Solutions is listed in the country’s top 100 companies. But its appearance in the list raises no doubt since the business generates over 6.1 billion US dollars in annual sales. It is also a reputable provider of quality products, with quality services from more than 20,000 workers spread across the company’s worldwide branches. Apart from being in the top 100 companies’ in America, according to Forbes, OSI Group ranks 58 on the list of America’s largest private companies.

The success of the food processing company has not been in the US alone but globally. Most countries recognize the company as a leader in the provision of safe and quality products. For instance, the British Safety Council awarded the UK branch of the entity the Globe of Honor 2016. The prestigious award recognizes organizations dedicated to environmental management. With this award, OSI Food Solutions UK joined 18 companies globally who are honorees of the award. However, 2016 wasn’t the first year the company was receiving the award – it also won the award in 2013 and 2015. This proves the company’s commitment to managing the environment through their productions.

OSI Food Solutions has had landmark mergers. One recent merger was the deal with Flagship Europe. The acquisition was in line with the company’s mission to expand its poultry business in the global market. OSI President David McDonald said the acquisition would build a broader presence for the company in Europe. With these developments, OSI is projected to continue exploring the international market and maintaining its position as a leading food processor.

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Meet OSI Food Solutions, A Premier Worldwide Food Provider

For over 100 years, OSI Food Solutions has been offering its customers globally quality services. It has been partnering with most of the global leading food service and various retail brands so as to produce the real delight of their customers. Over the years, it has been improving its infrastructure and financial resources in efforts of meeting needs of its customers. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with fresh products integrated with innovative ways so as to turn your ideas into a success.

OSI Food Solutions has been offering custom food solutions precisely made from your specifications, exceptional skills, unassailable safety, quality practices, and commitment to sustainability among others. The company has been operating and serving its customers under some core values like integrity, continuous improvement, exploring innovative solutions, seeking partnership relationship, teamwork and doing what is fit for all its clients. These values have made the company maintain the lead in the production of value-added and protein-rich items.

Operating from Aurora in Illinois, OSI Group received one of the most prestigious awards, Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council in 2016 for their excellent management of various environmental risks. The event was held at Drapers’ Hall in London. Throughout their acquisitions and in all their business, they have shown a high level of environmental management in all their businesses. It is worth noting that, environmental issues have become just as important and crucial as the health and safety issues. The environmental Manager of OSI branch in Europe, Kelly Grimwood received the award from the CEO of British Safety Council, Mike Robinson.

OSI Group has made various acquisitions in most part of the globe including Tyson Foods Plant which is based in Chicago acquired in 2016 which posed a very a convenient place near to its own facilities. The excitement of acquiring this plant was expressed by Kevin Scott who is the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI in North America. In enhancing its operations in Europe, the Group acquired Flagship Europe which was rebranded Creative Foods Europe in early 2018. Prior to acquiring Flagship, it had acquired Calder Foods which is still based in the UK.

The President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David McDonald expressed his satisfaction with acquiring Tyson Foods in leveraging their operations. The company also launched into Spain with OSI Food Solutions Spain, Toledo Spain facility which has a production capacity 45,000 pounds of beef, chicken, and pork. In the Philippines, the company has GenOSI and Baho Food in Europe.

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Why People Choose to Work with OSI Group

What makes people want to work with large food companies instead of staying in their own community? If someone were to ask a small artisan food company owner, they’d say that large corporate food companies don’t care about their products and only care about making money.

That’s an interesting concept considering most of those small artisan shops sell their products at prices only rich people can afford. Large corporate companies sell their products at much lower prices and on a global scale. So, what would happen if one of those larger companies suddenly started caring about their products?

To answer that question, people don’t need to look further than OSI Group. The OSI Group partners with hundreds of top foodservice and retail food brands to bring people all over the world the best food solutions possible. More surprisingly, those solutions taste good and are healthy.

The next question then becomes: how does the OSI Group manage to create such wonderful products. The answer to that question lies in their infrastructure and financial resources. The advantage of being a large company means they have plenty of resources needed to explore innovative solutions using ingredients from all over the globe.

Another bright light at the company is the entrepreneurial passion and agility that comes along with their natural curiosity and can-do work ethic. Every customer they work with, they focus on customer collaboration and innovating the next generation of food solutions. That includes turning their customer’s food ideas into real food and distributing it worldwide.

Working with OSI Group comes with dozens of perks, including custom food solutions. That’s something that other companies can’t offer to such a degree. Again, being a large corporation, OSI Group has access to unlimited resources and financial perks.

OSI Group also has the advantage of dedicated and passionate employees. Each employee is screened and made sure to have innovative ideas before taking any high-ranking position at the company. Even the low employees have brilliant ideas sometimes. OSI Group has one of the most encouraging work environments in the food industry.

That type of work environment breeds innovation, and OSI Group rewards every brilliant idea. When people work for any part of the OSI Group, they feel appreciated every time they develop something; especially when it’s groundbreaking.

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