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A brief analysis of Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey, son of a construction worker, was raised in Newark, New Jersey. He later left to join the Arizona State University. In 1970, he dropped out and published the inaugural issue, alongside some other students. The issue involved Phoenix New Times and was a response to the media’s coverage of anti-war campus projects. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Mr. Lacey became executive editor of New Times, with Jim Larkin, being his business partner handling the advertising sector. The circulation of the free weekly increased with time as they proceeded to explore various political and social matters. They acquired recognition among the countries growing a list of newspapers that were viewed as an appropriate alternative.

New Times bought Westword, Denver’s weekly arts, and news, in 1983. This resulted in an expansion that would take on a multi million-dollar business with approximately 17 papers from the coast. This included the Village Voice in New York City, Miami New Times, and the LA Weekly.

In 2007, Lacey & Larkin were detained for stating in Phoenix New Times that the subpoenas grand jury aimed at targeting the editors, the writers, as well as the readers of the papers. The order of arrest was given by a popular anti-immigrant sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in Maricopa, Arizona. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

However, the charges were dropped in 24 hours as a result of public outcry. The warrants claimed by the grand jury were deemed as forged, therefore, closing the inquiry made by the grand-jury.

The county of Maricopa gave away $3.75 million so as to settle a lawsuit that had been brought up by Lacey and Larkin concerning the wrongful arrest. This incidence occurred in 2013. The business partners used this money to found the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund during the following year. Their aim was to distribute the proceeds throughout the State of Arizona from the Latin-American settlement groups.

Village Voice Media Holdings, the current company name, developed as a result of its founders’ commitment to the First Amendment. They attained a reputation for their sophistication in the coverage on films, music, local events, foods, and arts, as well as the magazine-style quality writing and investigative reporting.

Larkin and Lacey sold WM in the year 2012. It was bought by a group of executives who managed to sell the prints to approximately nine million readers each month. The online viewers brought in another 56 million per month, thus managing to attain numerous journalism honors. This includes the Pulitzer Prize.