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Quality Products from OSI Food Solutions

The OSI Food Solutions is one of the leaders in making quality products and providing meats and other food products to food industry customers all over the world. The OSI Food Solutions group first opened in Chicago. Since that time is has expanded and there are now locations in 17 countries all over the world including China. According to the Forbes Magazine 100 Top Business in the United States, OSI Food Solutions ranked number 58. This company has a net worth over just over $6 billion. OSI Food Solutions is constantly expanding and looking for ways to increase their business. They recently purchase the Baho Food group.

This company provides snack meats and similar products to countries all over the world. OSI foods also purchased the Tyson Food Plant. The Tyson brand is known for providing chicken to restaurants and supermarkets. OSI solutions is also looking to make a name in the European food service industry. They purchase the Flagship Europe and added to their market as well. OSI Food Solutions is known for providing quality meat and food products. They recently won the 2018 Globe of Honour. This award is presented by the British Safety Council.

The meat that they are selling is top quality and is safe for people to eat. There are no byproducts in these products.In addition to putting out safe food the OSI Solutions is looking to increase business as well. Due to their recent business purchases they are looking to double the production of chicken they are producing. This will allow them to have a bigger share of the market while still providing their clients with high quality food. OSI Foods provided many restaurants including McDonalds with their meat supply so it is more than likely that a person has been a customer of this company at one time.


Why OSI Food Solutions is a Global Leader in Food Processing

The OSI Food Solutions is perhaps the largest brand in the food processing industry. It is a branch of OSI Group, a company that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Aurora Illinois. The turning point of OSI Group was during the establishment of McDonald’s franchise in the middle of the 20th century. OSI became the leading supplier of fresh meat to McDonald’s franchise, thereby growing in production and global presence.

Though it was founded as a small butcher shop, the company currently operates in over 17 countries and is a leading food processor. OSI Group has merged with various international food companies making it a dominant figure in the industry. In America, for instance, the company which runs OSI Food Solutions is listed in the country’s top 100 companies. But its appearance in the list raises no doubt since the business generates over 6.1 billion US dollars in annual sales. It is also a reputable provider of quality products, with quality services from more than 20,000 workers spread across the company’s worldwide branches. Apart from being in the top 100 companies’ in America, according to Forbes, OSI Group ranks 58 on the list of America’s largest private companies.

The success of the food processing company has not been in the US alone but globally. Most countries recognize the company as a leader in the provision of safe and quality products. For instance, the British Safety Council awarded the UK branch of the entity the Globe of Honor 2016. The prestigious award recognizes organizations dedicated to environmental management. With this award, OSI Food Solutions UK joined 18 companies globally who are honorees of the award. However, 2016 wasn’t the first year the company was receiving the award – it also won the award in 2013 and 2015. This proves the company’s commitment to managing the environment through their productions.

OSI Food Solutions has had landmark mergers. One recent merger was the deal with Flagship Europe. The acquisition was in line with the company’s mission to expand its poultry business in the global market. OSI President David McDonald said the acquisition would build a broader presence for the company in Europe. With these developments, OSI is projected to continue exploring the international market and maintaining its position as a leading food processor.

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How Sheldon Lavin found a home in the Food Industry after a successful career in banking

Over the last decade, Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, a premier supplier of value-added food products has spent much of his time helping the organization to venture into the international food market. Currently, OSI Group has food processing facilities in more than seventeen countries. Their recent acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe has enabled them to set camp in the expansive European market. Sheldon Lavin hopes to revolutionize food production and processing by introducing products that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Sheldon Lavin joined the American meat processor approximately four decades ago after a successful career in the banking sector. Sheldon ran a financial consultancy firm that helped food processing companies to access expansion capital from lenders. He then became the Chief Executive officer at OSI Industries and never looked back.

Upon joining OSI Industries, Sheldon introduced a unique management style that enabled the company to grow within a short time. He also introduced reforms to cater for the employees’ welfare. Currently, OSI employs about 20,000 employees in all their 65 processing facilities. It is one of the companies with low employee turnover. Sheldon attributes this to the family-oriented culture that he cultivated when he joined OSI in the late 1970s.

Sheldon Lavin marked his entry into the food industry in 1970 when his financial consultancy firm worked with OSI Industries by organizing financing for the meat processor. In the next five years, Sheldon became more involved in the affairs of OSI Industries when the company was seeking to expand to foreign territories.

As a result, Sons of Otto, who were the executives at the company, tapped Sheldon’s experience to help the company embark on a global expansion program. They partnered with Sheldon who eventually became the CEO of the company after the retirement of Otto Kolschowsky.

During the early years, Sheldon came up with a plan that enabled OSI Industries to establish processing facilities in North America and Europe. In the years that followed, OSI Group continued to expand to Australia, Philipines, Japan, China and South Africa. Currently, OSI Group is the major supplier of value-added proteins to some of the major food outlets such as the McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut and many more. Besides expanding and making profits, OSI Industries under the leadership of Sheldon

Lavin participates in many charity projects. Sheldon is a philanthropist who is actively involved in the activities of various charities such as Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund among others.



Why People Choose to Work with OSI Group

What makes people want to work with large food companies instead of staying in their own community? If someone were to ask a small artisan food company owner, they’d say that large corporate food companies don’t care about their products and only care about making money.

That’s an interesting concept considering most of those small artisan shops sell their products at prices only rich people can afford. Large corporate companies sell their products at much lower prices and on a global scale. So, what would happen if one of those larger companies suddenly started caring about their products?

To answer that question, people don’t need to look further than OSI Group. The OSI Group partners with hundreds of top foodservice and retail food brands to bring people all over the world the best food solutions possible. More surprisingly, those solutions taste good and are healthy.

The next question then becomes: how does the OSI Group manage to create such wonderful products. The answer to that question lies in their infrastructure and financial resources. The advantage of being a large company means they have plenty of resources needed to explore innovative solutions using ingredients from all over the globe.

Another bright light at the company is the entrepreneurial passion and agility that comes along with their natural curiosity and can-do work ethic. Every customer they work with, they focus on customer collaboration and innovating the next generation of food solutions. That includes turning their customer’s food ideas into real food and distributing it worldwide.

Working with OSI Group comes with dozens of perks, including custom food solutions. That’s something that other companies can’t offer to such a degree. Again, being a large corporation, OSI Group has access to unlimited resources and financial perks.

OSI Group also has the advantage of dedicated and passionate employees. Each employee is screened and made sure to have innovative ideas before taking any high-ranking position at the company. Even the low employees have brilliant ideas sometimes. OSI Group has one of the most encouraging work environments in the food industry.

That type of work environment breeds innovation, and OSI Group rewards every brilliant idea. When people work for any part of the OSI Group, they feel appreciated every time they develop something; especially when it’s groundbreaking.

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OSI Group’s Relevance In Today’s Society

Do you know what food sourcing is? Have you ever heard of a company known as OSI Group? This company is by far the worldwide leader in food sourcing and this is why. When it comes to producing and supplying great tasting food products to the general public, OSI Group is at the top of the list. Did you know that most supermarkets and restaurant receive their food products from food sources? That’s right and even though there are numerous brands that line the shelves, many of the products come directly from source. With just a few tweaks in the ingredients, each brand can create a more unique taste.

Many of today’s most popular restaurant chains receive their products from OSI Group as well. Restaurants such as Subway, Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza are all supplied by this company. OSI has been around for over a century as it started out as just a small meat market. In the early days it was known as Otto & Sons. This family meat market produced some of the freshest meats in the Mid-West and with great business comes great success. The company grew dramatically over the years and McDonald’s was one of it’s first major business that it served. After moving to Aurora, Illinois years later, Otto & Sons changed it’s name to OSI Group and the rest is history.

As of today, OSI Group has grown into a powerhouse that develops, produces, processes, manage, and distribute foods. This includes beef patties, cooked sausages, fruits, dough products, bacon, vegetables, cookies, hot dogs, meatballs, and many others. Having such a huge network to work under, the company has clients in up to 17 different countries.

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Sheldon Lavin And The Growth Of The OSI Group

In the 1970s, when former Chicago area meat market Otto & Sons came to Sheldon Lavin’s financial services company looking for money to buy new equipment and get larger facilities, little did he know that would be the start of a relationship that would last more than 50 years. Today, Sheldon Lavin is the owner and CEO of the company. It is now called the OSI Group and has become one of the world’s largest producers and distributers of meat, dough and vegetable products.

Through the vision, planning and hard work of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has been transformed. The company that was once primarily known for providing McDonald’s with ground beef patties and supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois with quality meat, is now a major player on the international stage. Sheldon Lavin has led the company through a period of unprecedented growth and expansion. As a result, the OSI Group now has over 70 food processing facilities located in more than 17 countries. And the company continues to grow every year. Sheldon Lavin, with his background in banking and finance and expansive vision of what’s possible, is the reason why.

Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group now has a presence in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Lavin has taken what was once a family-run community meat market with a staff of three and transformed it into an internationally known corporation with over 20,000 employees. But one of the things that makes Sheldon Lavin unique is that he has managed to maintain the family-like feeling within the company. He and the staff are on a first name basis, all staff members are invited to come to him with their ideas and he has created many programs to help employees and their families.

Sheldon Lavin is respected internationally for the environment friendly policies and procedures he has put in place to guide the company. He’s been given countless accolades and awards for his enlightened leadership. He also gives generously to a wide array of philanthropic causes and organizations all over the world. Many people see Sheldon Lavin as the ideal person for the next generation of chief executives to emulate.

The husband and father, now in his 80s, isn’t slowing down. Sheldon Lavin is still involved in the company’s day-to-day operations and always looking for ways to improve the products and services the OSI Group offers.

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The growing fortunes of OSI Group under President David McDonald

OSI Group is a food processing company. The group first opened its first food processing plant in China in 1992. It is at this same time that group started supplying McDonald’s with food. OSI Group has now been in China for more than 20years.

OSI Group is a leading global company in the supply of protein items. They supply beef patties and sausage links. It has its headquarters in Aurora. They also supply food products such as pizza and sandwiches. OSI Group is a private company and has over 50 facilities in 17 different countries. Most of their operations are in the Latin America region and Europe.

David McDonald is the president of OSI group. According to him, OSI is a global company that has a dedicated team of workers who ensure that they align the group’s operations depending on the tastes, solutions and the cultures of the people in the area they are operating.

In China, the group operates 8 factories with two more in the processing of construction. In China also, OSI Group is the biggest provider of chicken foods. In the Henan province of China, they are building the largest of all factories. They are hoping to use this facility to process food to the growing population in China and the world in general.

David McDonald says that the company has engaged the services of the best equipment providers to ensure that their factories process quality food that meets the required safety standards.

During the Olympics games of 2008, OSI Group was the biggest provider of food to the participants and the crowds. In the course of the games, they supplied 113 tons of various products. Some of the food products they provided were chicken, pork, beef, eggs and dehydrated onions.

David McDonald holds a degree from Iowa University. He studies between the years 1983 and 1987. He has served at one time as the executive chairman of a business organization known as the North American Meat Institute. McDonald was worked at Marfrig Global Foods, S.A as a director.

David McDonald, as the current president of OSI Group, has secured a business agreement between ISO Group and Baho Food. Baho Food is a food manufacturer from Denmark. The company deals with processing of snacks, meat, and other convenience foods. This deal intends to see the group grow its business operations in Europe. This move is also expected to broaden the reach of OSI Group operations, its portfolio, and its capabilities.



The OSI Group’s Global Expansion

The OSI Group has been on a constant expansion campaign over the past several years. Their expansion strategy has mainly involved the acquisition of other food companies in different world regions whose business values and goals align with their own. Last year alone, the OSI Group’s growth and expansion agenda were well reflected with seven new facilities and productions acquired and developed around the world.

Company president David McDonald has revealed that the OSI Group’s growth is only concentrated on capacity, but also on the products offered to clients. The company has created a reputation for itself for producing food products that are customized for each market segment and maintaining a high quality for its retail clients. Through strategic partnerships with some clients, Mr. McDonald has explained that the company aims to help its suppliers achieve higher sales in future. It also allows consumers to gain access to their preferred food products, ranging from natural and organic products to premium specialties and not only having to purchase products that are merely affordable. The only thing that the OSI Group has refused to compromise on is their core value; the production of food products that are both healthy and tasty.

The OSI Group’s expansion strategy has been three-tiered. The first phase involved local expansion and finding opportunities in the domestic market. This was captured in the acquisition of a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for 7.4 million dollars. Products at this factory include poultry, pork items, meatballs, and vegetables. In Europe, the OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe which is an already established company in the region. This way, they have been able to tap into their market and use their facilities to create a broader presence in the continent. Further, Deli Meats as well as Dutch food processing company Baho Foods have also joined the company. This has served to further consolidate the OSI Group’s presence in Europe by taking advantage of Baho’s far reach touching on 18 countries including Germany and the Netherlands. The global expansion strategy has involved an expansion into the Asian market with plants in China and India.

All these global partners and acquisitions have helped set the ISO Group apart as the leading food processing company in the world with a [presence in over 22 countries around the world. The robust growth that the company has experienced so far has been attributed to the able leadership of President David McDonald and chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin.

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