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Who, What, WEN, Where And Wow. This Stuff Rocks!

We have become a nation of healthier lifestyles and often question what kinds of chemicals are present in our foods and beverages.

When it comes to our hair, many of us simply shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse and repeat, never bothering to check what’s in our hair care bottles. Chaz Dean knew something was wrong in the beauty industry because nasty sulfates and parabens were being quietly blended into our shampoos. He’s a famous on YouTube as a Hollywood star stylist who knew that these harsh chemicals were robbing the hair of its shine and moisture and actually weakening the hair shaft.

That’s why Chaz Dean introduced the world to WEN By Chaz, and after selling 40 million bottles of his unique no lather shampoos, he keeps the mission going. His brand is based on healthy goodness, deriving amazing formulas from plant-based extracts like lavender, pomegranate, tea tree oil and others. You won’t find lather in his products, and there are zero parabens or sulfates.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by the WEN no lather shampoo concept and decided to give the brand a whirl for one week. She chose the Fig cleansing conditioner to give her limp locks a nice boost of moisture and fullness.

Emily noticed right away that WEN added volume to her tresses, instant gloss and a smoother texture. She blew dry her hair and then curled with with her styling tools. Her girlfriends could see a major difference, and Emily liked the compliments.

Emily highly recommends the WEN By Chaz hair care routine. She got the most out of the brand by using WEN’s cleansing conditioner every morning. As long as she invested the time to use a blow dryer and then styling tools, she could achieve that Hollywood hair that WEN is famous for.

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