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Matt Badiali: Buy Copper And Silver

Commodities have not been great investments for the past couple of years, but geologist Matt Badiali feels that specific commodities, such as copper, and silver, are about to regain their luster. Mr. Badiali spent much of his life examining natural resource assets all around the world. He learned about all the factors that can drive commodity prices. It was while he was studying for his Ph.D. that he realized he could combine his knowledge of natural resources with finance to help average people make money. He feels the frustration that many investors have regarding copper and silver, but he advises his followers to stay the course and focus on the long-term fundamentals that will ultimately drive copper and silver higher.

Both copper and silver have been suffering lately due to the rising strength in the Us dollar. Matt Badiali feels the trade war between the US and China, and other geopolitical factors have caused many individuals around the world to ditch their currencies and buy US dollars. Mr. Badiali acknowledges that the global uncertainty may result in continuing downward pressure on silver and copper.

There are many reasons Matt Badiali is excited about silver. The gold to silver ratio is an extreme of eighty-four and has rallied every time this level is hit. Many analysts are predicting that silver is going to rise substantially in the coming year, possibly hitting triple digits. There are many countries that are investing in large-scale solar projects, which will require a ton of silver. There is also the chance that investment demand for silver will rise because many individuals are concerned with the increasing debt levels in the financial system.

Matt Badiali feels copper is about to enter a major bull market. He points to the fact that copper demand far exceeds copper supply and in the long run, these economic factors always play out. He states that the electric vehicle is going to be one of the main drivers for copper prices in the coming years. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed. Many automakers are going to be selling electric vehicles, which will require substantially more copper than traditional vehicles.

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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Remains America’s Number One Financial Investment Scheme That Works Wonders

When Matt Badiali introduces Freedom Checks idea in the minds of the Americans, most of them brushed him off saying he doesn’t know what he is doing. Those who thought they knew what he was doing castigated him, calling him a fraudster, a scammer and every sort of name they would find. Today, things are very different. Those who castigated Matt Badiali are gnashing their teeth. They say they wish they were given another chance. Of course, Matt’s financial investment scheme is open to all that are willing to save for their future.

Thanks to the Freedom Checks that was started by Badiali, thousands of Americans thronged various banks to each receive their share of the staggering $34.6 billion that was issued on June. This was just the first phase of the investment. It is easy to see why many now refer Freedom Checks to be the simplest yet practical saving strategy of our day. Lisa Luhrmann, a lady from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is in her late 50s said that she was very happy to have listened to Matt Badiali’s advice. In the month of June, Ms. Luhrman received $66, 570. Dough Smith who hails from Joplin, Missouri is another Freedom Checks beneficiary. Smith, 46, received $24, 075. The other one is Mike Reed, who is said to be the highest beneficiary in the month of June. Reed, a 53-year-old Golden, Colorado resident said he was a happy man when he received his $160, 923 paychecks. It is true that when Matt Badiali started this saving idea, he didn’t know how much one could get. But he knew that people would benefit from the investment strategy.

Matt Badiali Education

Matt Badiali is an expert in his field. He has spent many years studying earthy sciences and geology. This has enabled him to have hands on various business opportunities on oil wells, agriculture as well as mining, all of which relate to the earth’s natural resources. Badiali has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences in Geology, a B.S. degree on the same as well as an MA on the same field. He has gone to three different universities including the University of North Carolina and Penn State University. Badiali has traveled a lot.

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