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Assisted Living Facility The Manse on Marsh Wins Prestigious Award

Assisted living care facilities are some of unsung heroes in society due to their work with those in need to service that many can’t provide readily. That is why one of them has gotten their name in the spotlight this time around.

The Manse on Marsh assisted care facility was recently honored with being a recipient of the Caring Star award, an award that honors service excellence for those assisted living and memory care communities. Consumer ratings and reviews tend to be a major factor in deciding which community will get the award as part of a Senior Care Directory. In order for a community to be considered for such an honor, they would have to have received three consumer rating reviews over the course of one standard year, earn at least one five start review in that time and have no negative reviews in that period that would go unresolved. The Manse not only met these expectations but exceeded them, having several five star reviews for its all time record.

The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo, in the Arroyo Grande valley area in California and utilizes an industry-established Assisted Care Living planning system. Some of the services that are provided to the community include efficient medication management, frequent meal reminders and bathing and grooming, all of which are determined through a point system. The point system helps out by ensuring that each individual resident gets the services and assisted that fit their living situation and so that they will only pay for those services and nothing else.

In addition to these services, The Manse also provides good quality amenities such as spacious flats in a hometown setting, private homes, restaurant quality open dining, easy and convenient transportation, social activities for entertainment, maid and laundry services and a nurse on staff to attend to those elderly and sick residents who are of in dire need.