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The Apparel Industry Shifts Towards Athleisure

It’s official: There is a huge shift that is happening in the world of fashion. Retailers that have long provided the staples and designs that formed many women’s wardrobes are experiencing some difficulties in the marketplace. According to Buzzfeed Business household names like Gap, bohemian retailer Anthropology and preppy retail stalwart J.Crew have been seing their sales plummet. Buzzfeed reported this January that the seemingly invincible casual wear brand Gap has watched its sales fall for twenty months in a row. It also reported that the professional woman’s go-to, Gap’s sister brand Banana Republic, has seen its sales dip by almost 10 percent. This trend seems to reflect a widening gap between luxury retailers and discount clothing stores on thekrazycouponlady that seems to leave very little room for clothing brands with price points that fall in the space between these two tiers.

According to Buzzfeed at least one of the culprits behind this downward trend could be a consumer demographic whose consumption habits and tastes seem to be traditionally hard for brands to nail down: millennials. A business analyst told the publication that young people that the marketing world has dubbed millennials have a penchant for individualism that makes their tastes difficult to cater. They also are able to dress more casually in their respective workplaces which has cut down significantly on their need to constantly purchase traditional business clothing like suits and slacks.

Hollywood ingenue Kate Hudson started her own athleisure brand called Fabletics on corp.justfab in 2013 in partnership with the business minds behind the e commerce company JustFab Inc. While many businesses are emerging in the world of athleisure fashion Hudson’s brand Fabletics has been a leader in developing clothing that makes sense for the lives of their female consumers. Her brand has expanded beyond just offering stylish workout clothes to selling jumpers and tube tops that can be worn with jeans or a nice pair of pants to a dinner with friends and to a session of hot yoga at a local gym.