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Brad Reifler Talks About The Important Lessons To Investors From Money Monster

Money Monster, the 2016 hit film starring George Clooney has been enjoyed by millions of Americans for its intriguing plot and exposure of corruption in investing. Brad Reifler, an investment advisor and CEO of Forefront Capital also weighed in on the film and talked about the real stories the film has come to represent.

He said that all too often so-called experts will tell investors about the best stocks to invest in, but often they mislead them and make profits on every piece of advice they give whether it’s good or bad. Reifler is working to end this practice and has made changes at Forefront Capital to stay true to his word.

Brad says newcomers should adhere to three guidelines when deciding to invest. First, he cautions them about investing in the stock market. Reifler says that while the stock market has its place in investing, investors shouldn’t look to it as their only source of investing but should instead explore alternative funds and other vehicles.

Brad Reifler also says investors shouldn’t invest with a company without knowing everything about that company. After all, investing only with companies that have proven results and a solid reputation greatly minimizes risk to portfolios. And thirdly Reifler says investors need to remember why their investing and should only pursue their investment goals.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler began his career at Refco Inc., a investment company his uncle owned and soon began his own company, Reifler Trading Company. This company managed discretionary accounts and global derivatives but soon became a major independent futures operation.

Several years later he began another company that became a global equities trading company in Pali Capital, and after running that company for about 15 years he founded Forefront Capital. Forefront Capital built a massive company portfolio featuring some of New York’s major fortune 500 companies and banks, but Reifler wanted to help the non-accredited investors.

So just 3 years ago he started a public fund in Forefront Income Trust that allowed investors to start out in with just $1,000. Reifler is hoping his efforts will encourage the public to once again consider investing as a way to prepare for the future.

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