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Wine Guides Bring Napa Valley To Your Home

Napa Valley is the crowned jewel of wines in the US. People come from all around to visit the rolling acres of vineyards and to sample the country’s finest wine. Yet, the region itself is so incredibly beautiful and serene, it is often difficult take time to venture out to see much else besides the main attraction: wine. There is so much else to see and explore. On your next trip to Napa Valley, here are a few other spots that are worth a look:

Silverado Cooking School: Learn trade secrets and master recipes of Napa Valley’s top chefs
Napa Art Walk: Admire the gigantic 3D sculptures
Napa Valley Historical Society: Take a step back in time and see what Napa Valley looked like 100 years ago
Climb Mt. St Helena and explore Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides are able to take the time to explore other parts of Napa Valley because the wines of Napa Valley are always in their homes. Traveling Vineyard is an incredible idea that launched in 2001. Wine enthusiasts adore the wines of Napa Valley, but how often can one person travel there to taste and purchase? For that reason, Wine Guides offer in-home tasting parties that feature Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive collection of Napa Valley wines. These tastings are absolutely free. Many Wine Guides pair a wine tasting with a tasting of another kind, such as cheese or olive oil. Guests have a fantastic time tasting, learning and enjoying the expertise of the Wine Guide. At the end of the evening, guests simply choose which wine they may like to purchase and Traveling Vineyard supplies it to them through the Wine Guide. What a great gig for any wine lover!

Traveling Vineyard has been noted as a highly successful business model that allows their wine guides to have unlimited income potential while setting their own hours in the convenience of their own home. The company’s social media presence is continually abuzz with testimonials of how well Wine Guides are performing in their roles.