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Establishment of Ubuntu Education Fund with Andrew Rolfe

Through the union of Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala that is located in London, they were able to raise over £603,000 in an event which was meant to help and support poor children in Africa. Furthermore, the approximate amount which they were supposed to raise was £600,000 but they raised more than they expected. Also, the other reason behind the fund raiser is to enlarge student ability at the Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus and developing pediatric clinic which is related to the campus.


More than 400,000 needy people are being supported by the organization resources in Africa. Furthermore, on campus, there is a podium that helps deprived children whereby the make sure they support them with their education and health care. It was formed in the year 1999 mostly dealing with educational gear and also educating them on the precaution of HIV.


Ubuntu Education Fund Gala and Andrew Rolfe charity function they welcomed more than 300 prominent socialites and philanthropist whereby Andrew Rolfe welcomed everyone on behalf of the union and other individuals including Sinesipho Rabidyani were given chances to tell their inspiring stories which captivated the audience hearts. Sinesipho’s story also made the audience to raise and inspiring £33,000.


Lastly, as the ceremony ended the CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund Jacob Lief was able to give his closing remark as he praised the organization for supporting deprived children for 20 years and also funding 2,000 children and he is certain that the organization will always be devoted to development they make.


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund’s and well serves as the managing director for TowerBook Capital Partners. He got his masters degree from Harvard Business School in the year 1992 and also master’s degree from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. His main role at TowerBook Capital Partners is providing hospitality and food service and also investment opportunity mostly in the United States and Europe. He held a position in the different organization including J. Jill, Beverages & More and True Religion Apparel, Inc, through his management skills he was able to develop them and became top companies in the world.