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Dr Mark McKenna Offers An Innovative Solution To Help People Who Don’t Have The Time For Elective Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mark McKenna says that since his father was is a doctor he learned all about the world from a young age. He didn’t know what he wanted to do once he was older but he didn’t think to be a doctor himself was an option. He viewed the medical profession as too staid and regimented with no room for someone like him. He felt that he was a maverick and you couldn’t be that way as a doctor. As he eventually learned this was wrong and innovation is welcome in any industry.

He eventually earned his medical degree at Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna loved real estate, though, and so, along with his dad, they started a New Orleans development firm in that industry. They purchased a lot of properties and the business was going well until Hurricane Katrina hit, destroying a lot of their properties. He had already grown weary of that industry’s stresses and roller-coaster-like movements so he decided to wind that business down.

After reflecting on what he wanted to do next Dr. Mark McKenna says that he developed a passion for medicine. He moved to Atlanta and wanted to create a new company that would upend the elective healthcare industry. He also spotted the trend of more people, both men and women, wanting to have elective cosmetic surgery performed on them.

He founded OVME in Atlanta’s trendiest neighborhood. His company offers surgical procedures such as liposuction and facelifts. They also perform Botox, dermabrasions, and other noninvasive procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna says that each patient is treated as an individual. He and his staff deliver top-notch customer service which revolves around truly listening to what each customer is seeking from him.

People’s schedules today are hectic with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Dr. Mark McKenna says that the team at OVME recognizes this and is looking at coming up with innovative solutions to solve this time-crunch. He might even start offering noninvasive procedures in his customer’s homes and offices. This would benefit his company by increasing revenues while also benefitting customers who want a procedure done but can’t find the time to do it.



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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Feminism In The Operating Room Is A Good Thing

Plastic surgery can seem biased for many reasons. For one over 90 percent of cosmetic surgery patients are women. Altogether there are over 8,000 plastic surgeons in the United States. However, less than 1,000 of them are women. Only 10 percent of those women are members of the highly ranked professional organization known. Dr. Walden knows that she is setting a trend for women who are looking to become plastic surgeons. However, she understands that she has to work very hard to prove herself as a woman in the field. Close to 10 years of schooling to become a surgeon can seem like an eternity for a woman wanting to start a family.

Not to mention for years, the culture of plastic surgery wasn’t very welcoming to women. To be a successful female plastic surgeon in this time takes perseverance, self-confidence, and strength. That’s where Dr. Jennifer Walden comes in. She has eight years of experience in the field and loves the ability to help women achieve the results they seek. Dr. Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden continued her career in that area for some time before deciding to move back to Austin, Texas. She specializes in many cosmetic procedures including eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, facelifts, liposuction, and Botox.

Dr. Walden believes that even though women are seeking cosmetic enhancements to their bodies, they are not trying to have the same frame as every other woman. They are not trying to achieve the male stereotype Barbie -Doll physique. She makes a good point as many women seek cosmetic surgery to remove sagging skin, or to enhance deflated breasts. That is one reason that Dr. Walden proves that female surgeons can relate better to female patients. As a woman, it can be awkward showing a male surgeon how deflated the breast have become as a result of breastfeeding.

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Dr. Mark Mofid Sets New Standards for Plastic Surgeries

When Dr. Mark Mofid began his private practice, around eight years ago, it didn’t take a long time for him to realize that the available silicone body products were too large to place in-between muscles. The implant procedure was quite complicated, and the large silicone made a patient’s buttock look deficient.

Having been trained by the best, Dr. Mark Mofid soon developed an eye that seeks detail. He immediately started working on a procedure to design round gluteal silicon implants for Implantech. The initial product he developed had a tapered shape and profile that eased the implant procedure. Also, the implant had an excellent body-volume ratio that made a patient’s derriere look proportional.

With an increased demand for buttock augmentation surgeries in Brazil, America is gradually following suit. According to Dr. Mark Mofid, his new procedure will go a long way to reduce surgical complications thereby increasing the popularity of buttock augmentation.

Mark Mofid has the same analytical eye when it comes to other reconstruction procedures. He became the first plastic surgeon to publish an eyelid surgery technique. According to Mark, it is not necessary to remove much fat, skin, and muscle in the lower blepharoplasty as it helps in eye repositioning and support.

About Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is an internationally respected plastic surgeon. He graduated from with a medical degree magna cum laude from Harvard University. He then proceeded to specialize in plastic and reconstruction surgery at John Hopkins University where he is also a craniofacial research fellow. Today, Mark is a certified plastic surgeon by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is also a faculty member at the University of California, San Diego’s arm of plastic surgery.

Apart from his private practice, Dr. Mofid is also a staff surgeon at some hospitals within the San Diego area including Scripps Memorial and Palomar Medical Center. Mark continues to stay relevant by publishing breast and facial surgery articles on the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.



Imran Haque Is A Gift To Internal Medicine and North Carolina

Imran Haque is a well-known doctor who has gotten plenty done during his career. He offers his services to all of North Carolina but especially at his offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. His dedication to internal medicine has made him one of the best medical professionals in his area, and all of his patients know that if he can’t offer the best service in a particular area, he will refer them to a specialist who can. This is only part of what makes Dr. Haque so special, because many patients know him best because of his wonderful bedside manner.

At Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque works with other physicians as well as a spread of insurance carriers to ensure that his patients get the best care. The practice focuses mainly on internal medicine and family medicine and has been running for 19 years. Many of the patients that go there claim it is the best internal medicine practice they have been able to find in the entire United States. Many ailments are treated there including, Calculus of the Urinary System, Abdominal Hernia, Menopausal and Postmenopausal Disorders, Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and more.

The idea for Horizon Internal Medicine came from the inspiration that Imran Haque took with him from a time when he was younger. Before he started his own business, he worked for another internal medicine practice that wasn’t offering everything he knew he could. Since his patients had raved about the care they got from him, he figured he could go into a practice of his own and offer services that other internal medicine offices were not offering. The largest part of his success in his own practice comes from the way that he treats all of his patients. To Dr. Haque, his patients are family members, and he shows them all of the respect and love that he would to his own family.

Imran Haque earned a medical degree while attending Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. He also received an M.D during his studies at the University of Virginia. He has always valued education and hopes to continue to learn as much as he can about internal medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides: Earning Her Place at InnovaCare Health

It can sometimes be hard for a new company officer to feel as though they’re contributing enough. Even if they’ve served as other high-ranking officers at other companies, joining a new company always brings its own challenges. That is not the case with Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare, Inc.’s newest Chief Administrative Officer.

As of June 2015, this is Penelope’s second time work with InnovaCare Health. The first time, she served as COO but left the company for a higher position at Centerlight HealthCare. After serving as Centerlight’s Executive VP, she took a job at AmeriChoice; serving as their Corporate VP for Care Management and Disease Management.

Her return to InnovaCare came after the she played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of AmeriChoice’s new health model. Since rejoining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides become an invaluable asset; bringing her more than 20-year experience in the managed care to InnovaCare’s mission.

InnovaCare Health is on the forefront of the healthcare management industrial change. For years, the healthcare environment has gotten worse. Its rapid decline is not only due to technological and medical advancements making the system obsolete, but due to big companies who are more concern with profits than patient health.

InnovaCare’s mission is to redefine today’s complex healthcare management environment. What InnovaCare does differently is to focus on patient-provider relationships so that quality medical care is the number one priority of every physician and staff member working at InnovaCare. With the help of strong company leaders like Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Richard Shinto, InnovaCare Health will enhance the life of all of their patients.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the one person at InnovaCare that’s contributed more than Kokkinides. Dr. Shinto also has more than 20 years experience in managed care but focused more on clinical and operational aspects. Dr. Shinto is also a practicing physician, maintaining his medical tenure in Southern California, where he practices as an internist and pulmonologist.

Prior to 2012, Dr. Shinto’s time was split between InnovaCare and Aveta Inc. After Aveta’s sale that same year, he focused solely on making InnovaCare the best provider of quality medical care. An accomplishment he achieved in Puerto Rico, where InnovaCare is now the number one provider of managed care on the entire island; earning himself another promotion as CEO of Health Plans.