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Talkspace: The New Kind Of Therapy

Talkspace is a new therapy application on the market place that allows patients to have therapy at their fingertips via text. It is a new way of helping people deal with personal and chronic problems, but don’t like heading into an office to share them in the open. You may be a couple in need of some analyzing on a relationship and this application could solve all of your problems. To talk to a therapist over a smartphone or even your desktop is revolutionary.

Talkspace exactly is a platform that brings together individuals, couples and a licensed therapist all working to solve a problem. No matter where you are located, your therapist is on-hand to chat. Their response time is remarkable and patients never feel alone or ignored. No matter what time of day it is it seems as if the therapist are on call. All online conversations are private and held in strict confidence. The platform is affordable costing a low $59 a week to $239 for a month. It all depends on how many sessions you need.

When you sign up, your primary therapist will attempt to match you with a therapist that suits your concerns. You can receive as many as three therapists at once and decide which one is best. Talkspace is certainly for those hesitant to go in an office and share their problems. It’s designed to give you the confidence to express and share you mental health problems with a licensed therapist who is qualified in the industry. Talkspace is definitely leading the market. This innovative tool gives those who suffer from a mental illness or simply want help in a relationship a new option when it comes to seeking therapy. It’s low cost sessions will attract patients who also can’t afford the traditional therapy session.