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David McDonald’s Revolutionary Tenure At The Helm Of OSI Group

The expected output from a business largely hinges on its management. Therefore, a company would spend a fortune to hire a professional who would deliver. To OSI Group, David McDonald has it all. He tags along professionalism and invaluable experience from his antecedent involvements in the corporate world.

An overview of his background and career
A graduate of Iowa State University, David McDonald is a degree holder in Animal Science. At OSI Group, he has steadily risen to serve as its president and chief operating officer. Initially, David had served as a project manager of OSI Industries. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute, director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Limited, and a board member at OSI Group.

His take on OSI Group’s mega acquisitions
2016 was a busy year for OSI Group, unlike previous years. Seeking to outfox its close competitors, it staged several well-orchestrated acquisitions and mergers communicating its intent. To begin with, in June, it acquired a food processing and storage facility in Chicago from Tyson Foods. Under the guidance of David McDonald OSI Group, this purchase would prove a requisite to the growth of the two entities. In quick succession, OSI Group purchased Baho Food in August, a Netherlands-based multinational. Parallel to previous transactions, the financial details remained undisclosed. As David McDonald OSI Group notes, the company has in the process acquired a more significant foothold on the European market. OSI Group would work with Baho Food’s top brass to develop a workable growth strategy for the companies.

Finally, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe in December, later rebranded Creative Foods Europe. In his own words, David McDonald OSI Group assents OSI would reap from the partnership too, giving it a greater scope in Europe. David McDonald OSI Group adds that the products and brands owned by Flagship Food Group marry with OSI’s processing strengths; thus serving their customers better than before. Elsewhere, OSI Group made improvements to its Spanish wing between 2016 and mid-2017. That way, it was able to double its processed chicken production. David McDonald expects that the expansion would allow OSI to offer new products and assist their consistent clients to grow.

For a honcho of David McDonald’s stature, any company would pay to the last penny for his services. Bestowed with such zeal and power, he redefines leadership in the entrepreneurial podium. Hated and loved in equal magnitude, David’s star illuminates even brightest.


Michel Terpins on achieving excellence.

A love for rallying and excelling in it. These basically compounds the life of Brazilian rally driver Michel Terpins. He has excelled at it so much so that it has begun to crowd his Cross country achievements. He has been able to grow as a driver since he joined the scene in the early 2000’s and is not about to stop anytime soon. He has a penchant for winning, and he has brought it with him to rallying. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Growing up Michel Terpins would join the cross-country championship. Over the next few years that he was part of it, he was able to grow and become a dominant champion. This was achieved through constant encouragement of his father as well as the hard work he put in on a personal level. After he left the same, he was appointed to lead its transformation and bring on-board more funding and new talent. This was no small task, but given his reputation, Michel Terpins was up to the task. Rodrigo has been able to grow the sport to become one of the most visible in the country.

Michel Terpins has taken part in a number of races within the Brazilian rally calendar. This includes the Sertoes rally, which is considered the toughest. Its ability to test every aspect of the driver and car capability is what makes one of the most recognizable races among rally enthusiast. The Sertoes rally on average will cover anything over 2500 kilometers on any given edition. This will take competitors through the various terrains found in Brazil and at the same time give fans an opportunity to experience the true rally experience. For more details visit Ideamensch.

This has enabled the Sertoes rally, which is headed to its 29th edition to be considered one of the premier rally competitions globally. Since Michel Terpins became a rally driver, he has been able to grow his career to a level where he commands a lot of respect with the rally fraternity. This respect and trust have seen him come up with a number of initiatives as well as support others that he deemed suitable for the sport.


Adam Milstein: Israeli Real Estate Tycoon

There are a lot of infrastructure projects that are being built around the world today. The real estate business keeps on moving forward, and companies have to be on the same pace for them not to be left behind. Adam Milstein, a businessman who is currently managing his real estate development firm named Hager Pacific Properties, is dedicated to putting his company to the top. He is known as one of the top investors in Israel, and people have been looking up to him because of his perseverance in making his company one of the best.

Adam Milstein was born in the city of Haifa in Israel. They have a family business focusing on real estate development, and his father trained him at a very young age on how to become successful in the real estate business. Adam Milstein would, later on, take a degree related to economics and business because he knows that it would be a big help to their family business. When he graduated, he decided to work with a real estate development company as a sales agent, but he immediately learned about the responsibility he has back at home. He decided to quit his job and helped his parents instead of with their business, and he is instrumental in making it successful.

He would, later on, bring his projects overseas, operating in foreign countries and building construction projects. Hager Pacific Properties became one of the most successful businesses that are being operated by an Israeli-American, and Adam Milstein was thankful that the public supported his business. To give back to the community, he would, later on, participate in philanthropic activities that would help alleviate the condition of Jewish families in the United States. He donated books and other reading materials to Jewish students to help them with their schooling, and he also provided scholarships to deserving Jewish students. Aside from the educational assistance that he provided, he also helped several Jewish people to gain additional income by serving under his corporation. He knew that he had to help his people, and he keeps on providing them with programs that would help them through their lives.



Daniel Taub – The Supreme Ambassador

As a Jewish-Israeli diplomat, Daniel Taub has frequently made appearances on various news, further increasing his public profile, while also helping to solidify his stance as a servant of the people.

While his appearance, often wearing a skull cap, presents a significant divergence from that of the average foreign diplomat, it was his role in creating one of the most popular soap operas to hit Israel in recent times, that has garnered him increased clout amongst the community that he so staunchly supports.

The head of the Israeli legation for the International Court of Justice is the mind behind the storyline and the scripts for “Rebbe’s Court.” Two years before its debut on the budding Tchelet station, while Mr. Taub was taking part in a panel to discuss ideas regarding the development of a new show, he came up with the idea for “Rebbe’s Court.”

Having very little knowledge on the ins-and-outs of scriptwriting, and not having ever watched a full episode of any soap opera, Mr. Taub had no intention of writing the script himself, but in an effort to adhere to the suggestions of his contemporaries, he obliged them. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Due to the demanding nature of his current occupation, he felt it necessary to take a sabbatical from his daily routine in order to fully concentrate on the development of his latest project. Delving into a number of old scripts and books detailing the process of scriptwriting, he immersed himself in the project and eventually wrote 26 episodes of Tchelet’s breakout hit.

It was the nature of the relationship between secular and traditional Jewish-Israelis that drove him to take the development of “Rebbe’s Court” full-on, as he viewed it as an opportunity to create a higher level of awareness between the two school’s of thought.

Choosing to highlight the lifestyles of his secular Jewish-Israeli characters, he attempted to create an environment in which his audience would develop an intimate connection with people that, under ordinary circumstances, they might not give a second look to.

The traditional wedge between traditional Jewish-Israelis and their counterparts is one that has troubled Daniel Taub for a number of years, and because of this, he was not immediately vocal about his role in the creation of “Rebbe’s Court,” but as time passed, he came to realize that the reception of the program was overwhelmingly positive.

This positive reception helped elevate Daniel Taub’s status amongst the Israeli-Jewish community.