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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Bradesco On A Steady Path Of Growth

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has served as the CEO of the Brazilian bank called Bradesco since 2009 when he succeeded Márcio Cypriano to take the reins of leadership in accordance with their policy of continuity and renewal. He has attained a wide range of experience throughout the many divisions of the bank which gives him a great perspective to lead the entire organization. His understanding and knowledge of their business traditions and culture are unprecedented among his generation.

Trabuco, as he is best known, has served his entire career at Bradesco and began in 1969 when he started out as a clerk in his hometown of Marília. This gave him a good understanding of front-line customer service and had a positive impact on him in going forward. For two years he gained valuable insights and experience in this critical portion of the banking business.

His next stop was the company’s headquarters in São Paulo, where he set out on a path of steady growth and development as a manager cultivating sophisticated financial skills along the way. He has served in major undertakings throughout the bank such as Marketing, Insurance, and Pensions to name a few. At each stop, he added to his considerable knowledge of their operations until the whole picture came into focus for him.

Trabuco showed an innovative spirit when he was the head of Bradesco’s marketing efforts. He modernized their communications when he established for the first time in their history a relationship with the financial press. This has increased their publicity and brand awareness in the public consciousness and shows the fact that Trabuco is a good mix of innovation and tradition.

Another accomplishment that Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a hand in when he was the top manager in Marketing was the large deal that saw Bradesco sponsor the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. This entailed putting the name of one of the bank’s major divisions, Bradesco Seguros or Insurance, out in front of the public during the special Christmas season.

One important stop during the career of Trabuco was when he was the top manager of their Insurance division. He served here from 2003-2009 and was the driving force behind their substantially increased performance, which made an important contribution to the overall health and prosperity of the company. The size of their Insurance division doubled during this time and they solidified their hold on market leadership in Brazil and in Latin America.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year in acknowledgment of his outstanding efforts and his name was also put forth as a possibility for the CEO position when Márcio Cypriano stepped down. He was spoken highly of by senior executives at Bradesco and by others from outside the company with financial backgrounds.

In 2009 Trabuco was appointed to the position of CEO by the board of directors at Bradesco and it came upon the heels of an excellent performance by his predecessor Cypriano, who had pursued acquisitions as the primary avenue of growth when market conditions were better. Under difficult macroeconomic circumstances, Trabuco assumed control and helped refocus Bradesco’s efforts on core functions.

Organic growth has characterized the tenure of Trabuco and under his leadership, the number of account holders has increased remarkably. He has taken the company from 20 million to 27 million account holders and the steady progress has increased the company’s strength.

There is one important acquisition that Trabuco engineered in a testament to his sophisticated financial skills. In 2015 Bradesco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC in the largest deal of its kind during that year. For his instrumental role, he was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine. It was an example of his multifaceted skills in leading Bradesco successfully.

Luciana Lossio Is The Best New Judge For The Job

Luciana Lossio is the best new judge for the job of running the electoral court in Brazil, and she is someone who is going to help people get to the bottom of the cases that they bring to the court. The court has to hear every case that has to do with elections, and she is the perfect person to work with because she is moderate and wise. She is a young woman who can lead the court for a long time, and she will be able to help shape the new kind of Brazil that is needed. The country wants to emerge, but it cannot emerge without help.

The courts have to be much better if Brazil wants to be taken seriously, and that is why women like Luciana Lossio are rising to the top. She is a young lawyer who has already worked in the courts, and she knows how they work. The best thing that people can do is bring their cases to the court, and they can allow Luciana Lossio to handle it. She will make sure that all the right people are in office, and she will show the people how a case can be resolved. She does not want things to be any harder, and she will make sure that all the regions of the country have a chance to be heard. That also means that the people who bring challenges get their chance to say their peace.

Luciana Lossio has heard both sides of every case, and she will make sure that people are given their day in court. She will rule fairly, and then she will make sure that the cases are disposed of quickly. She will help to keep the country moving, and she will not allow anyone to have their time wasted when they come to the court. The electoral court of Brazil is a battleground that is now run by a wise woman.

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