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The Boraie Development is Redefining Family Move Night

There is something special about a community. There is a connection that is palpable even amongst strangers. Many business owners understand this connection and know it is important to nurture it. One of these business owners is none other than Omar Boraie who is the leader of Boraie Development. This company and person decided to help the community bond in a special way this year, which was by showing them great family films.
Driving the Boraie Company

The Boraie Development–based in New Brunswick, NJ–has been in the business of building and development for some time. It was founded back in 1986 and has been serving its community and branching out to serve others as well. The company is not driven by profit as much as it is driven by community development. The team behind the company wants to be a part of the foundation of great city building.

Take, for example, the work they have been doing in New Brunswick, which was outlined in NJ Spotlight. This is a city that has not seen an economic boost for some time. It was plagued with low-rent buildings and new businesses were at an all-time low. But this was something that the Boraie Development company was not going to allow. They started to invest in some of the downtown areas, making it a little more walk-friendly and transit-friendly to attract millennials. This has worked, and it has been great for the city.

An Investment in Community

Just like before, the Boraie Development company continues to invest in communities and growing stronger bonds, which attracted them to the Community Access Initiative. This is an initiative that was aimed for families in the community to have a fun day at a historic location in New Jersey, which was the State Theatre.

The Boraie Development company donated this year to help make sure that this yearly event was free for the families of New Jersey. The event–as reported by the New Jersey Stage–is to take place from July 12 to August 16. Through those dates there will be free movies showing that include movies like Frozen or Aladdin.  Learn more about Boraie Development::

The families are going to enjoy the movies up on the big screen like it always should be and in the middle of a majestic theater that was built back in 1921. There is definitely a lot of love and care invested in this event and the Boraie Development company is just proud to be a part of that.