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An Overview of the Controversy in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ by Sean Penn

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ is a novel written by Sean Penn. The main aim of any debut novel is to attract the attention of people and get the author noticed. The book did exactly this. The book emerged controversial when the snippets were made available to the public even before it was officially released. It went viral on many social media platforms because of certain sections of the book that talked about Me Too movement and Donald Trump were considered facts and not mere fiction. Sean Penn stated that his book was taken out of context since Americans are living in a sad state in which faction is credited to opinion.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has ambition as well as provocation in it. The book’s narrative as well as satirical tone can be very confusing to many readers. The title character in the book is a middle-aged male called Bob who does several jobs like assassinating old people, vending septic tanks to members of Jehovah Witness, releasing Hasidic Jews from prison, and preparing fireworks arrangements for dictators. The title character uses a mallet as his weapon.


In the last pages of the slim controversial novel, Bob, the title character of the book, pens a letter to the book’s United States president and refers to him as “the landlord.” The epilogue of the book is a poem written by Penn himself. The poem features several recent news stories including the shooting in Las Vegas, the Puerto Rico Crisis, and the U.S tension with North Korea and so on. Although the book is strange, it reflects strange times. The controversial was initially released as an audiobook before Seam Penn turned into a novel.


Sean Penn is not concerned in the reviews but the legacy that he is creating. The 57-year-old author, director and performer is always pushing his achievements further. He won the Oscars for his work, Mystic River and Milk. Moreover, he is rated as one of the best actors of his age group. Sean tried writing a novel before but ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ is his first novel that he has successfully completed and published.