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Chris Burch Gives to Sumba Island

In Indonesia, Chris Burch the CEO of Burch Creative Capital has created a new project. Within his staff, he is making more meaningful relationships and giving back to the small island where his venture happens to be flourishing. Teaming up since 2012 with James McBride, a hotelier, the intimate and relatively surfing location, Nihi Sumba, is named the best hotel in the world, refer to (

Chris Burch has various dealings with a variety and multiple businesses with names including Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin and Faena Hotel + Universe. He bases a lot of his success in business to understanding and divulging time in people. Chris wants to know a lot about people; he asks a lot of questions and listens. And his staff genuinely like and enjoy the eccentric man that they call “boss.”



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Senlis – my new Home #orangerie #senlis

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Chris Burch did not excel in school; he showed more interest in listening to radio talk shows during the night. He was able to listen to the callers, and as a result, curiosity got the better of him. He is imaginative, resourceful and has a creative touch that even Ellen DeGeneres wanted so he could help her launch her clothing brand. More insights here on

As with most things in life, it has not always been a high success, and there have been some moments that were extremely difficult and painful to get through for Chris. In 2006, he and his wife divorced, who was also his business partner. He claims that it was one of the lowest points of his life. He took this hard time and made it a learning phase of the people around him.

Now, he has moved into the business of helping others, specifically the locals of the island where his hotel resides. On Sumba Island, his donations have helped reduce poverty and disease. He gives to the schools and created jobs for the residents that live there. He is the largest employer, and he is leading others to join in the fight to engage and employ the locals and not to take from them. Chris Burch wants to give back to the people that give their loyalty and time to him every day.