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Boraie Development – Leading the Transformation of New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC are real estate developers in New Jersey. They have been managing and marketing urban properties for many years now. Sam Boraie and Omar Boraie lead the firm and are responsible for its spectacular success. The site recently mentioned how Boraie development was transforming the architecture of the New Brunswick area through their ambitious projects.

According to Patch, New Brunswick has been an underdeveloped area regarding real estate. It was home to low-value tenants. Recently, it has caught the eye of property developers because of increase in jobs in the New Jersey area and its favorable location near the train station.

Sam Boraie saw a utopia of high rise apartments in New Brunswick, where others only saw a desolate landscape. The website recently reported on Omar Boraie’s successful real estate venture in New Brunswick area of New Jersey. His latest development has been a multi-storeyed building on Somerset Street of New Brunswick. In 1972, New Brunswick was an isolated and deserted locality, with very few takers. Omar Boraie envisioned a development project there and rapidly bought 21 empty shops in the area. Albany Street Tower One was one of the first multi-level office building constructed on the street which transformed the architecture of New Brunswick. It was built on a sprawling 25,000 square feet area. This was soon followed by Tower Two, which created even more offices for hire and buying in the year 2003. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie’s vision for developing residential apartments led to the acquisition of One Spring Street Condominium. It was inaugurated in 2007. It is a spectacular high-rise building with 25 levels, 121 apartments, office space covering 40,000 square feet, with an area of 10,000 square feet dedicated to retail and garages to accommodate 400 vehicles. It is a landmark building of New Brunswick, being the tallest construction in the area.

The Aspire is the next big venture that boasts of 17 levels, 238 apartments, and multi-level parking. It also has a whopping 10,000 square feet area for retail. The tenants looking for an apartment in New Brunswick now include professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcers and many others. An apartment at The Aspire is rented out for 2,800 dollars monthly and has become a much-sought-after property. Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development, has said that the construction of The Aspire has been possible only because of the Urban Transit Hub Program of the EDA, which channeled 23.8 million dollars of incentives into the project.




The Successful Journey Of The American Institute Of Architects

Architectural designs as an essential element in both developing and developed countries. As technology improves, more sophisticated models in building and construction are required. American Institute of Architects is a membership organization that is made up of professional architects .It has allied partners, licensed architects, and emerging professionals. The primary goal of this group is to serve its members through information, advocacy as well as the community. Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA and is known as a wise, soft-spoken and warm leader.

Robert Ivy believes that architecture can bring impact in many areas apart from design building and construction. He describes architecture as a way of protecting disaster from taking place hence improving the health of the people. Ivy explains that architecture has improved public health by ensuring that buildings and cities that are designed can access sunshine, clean water and fresh air circulation. He continues to say that in their design, architects have improved the lives of people living with diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. This is by ensuring that there are some stairs that people use as a way of exercising. Architects are now focusing on the materials that are used in design and construction. They have considered using materials that is less harmful to the health of people.

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The AIA organization has sponsored many architects who are continuing with their training experience with the aim of helping them to maintain their licensure. Besides, it has provided web-based resources for the new professional architects who are introducing themselves in the field. AIA also conducts market research on the factors that are affecting their performances. The organization serves as the advocate of the architecture profession by expressing their views and complains on behalf of the others. The togetherness of the members not to mention their hard work has made this organization to be the leading in the field of architecture.

The headquarters of AIA is in Washington DC with around 200 employees and 300 chapters. The company is about to create a phone app and other software projects that will take architecture to a new level of improved technology. Robert Ivy and his fellow architects are committed to not only in improving design in their constructions but also to provide plans and buildings that favor the public health. AIA will continue to lead in the field of architecture if the standards and the guiding principles are adhered to.