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Beneful is a dog food brand created by the PurinaStore company. It is marketed as a healthy food for dogs because it has fruits and vegetables in it. Beneful has a food for every size, age and life stage of dog. All of the following foods are from Beneful’s Dry Food line (
Beneful Playful Life is a dog food for active dogs. It has beef and eggs, which enrich the food with a higher protein level. This replaces the nutrients that a more active dog is likely to burn off. This food is not recommended for less active dogs, as it may cause them to gain excess weight.

Beneful Healthy Puppy gives a puppy a quality start in life. Puppy food with too high a protein content can cause a rapid growth disease, known as Pano. The Healthy Puppy food has the right amount of protein for growing puppies, without causing Pano. It also has the right amount of nutrients that puppies need to get through a day of exploring and learning.

Dogs can become diabetic, have heart problems, and even shortened life spans when they are overweight. Beneful Healthy Weight is a calorie cutting food that keeps the weight down. Just as Playful Life is not recommended for less active dogs, Healthy Weight should not be fed to an active dog. It could cause the dog to become underweight.

Beneful Incredibites is a line of food for smaller dogs. The size of the kibble is smaller, making it easier for small dogs to chew and digest. Small dogs can break their teeth on a food meant for a bigger dog. It may also take longer to digest and cause the dog to get constipated. Feeding a small dog food meant for its tiny size means less worry that it will have digestive woes.

Beneful has several choices of food for dogs. Be mindful of a dog’s needs when choosing what type of Beneful to buy on WalMart. Beneful is also sold online via Amazon.